AFE brings concrete floor flatness management to Europe for greatly increased warehouse efficiency

The F-Number System – when coupled with the unique floor profiling instruments available from Allen Face Europe (AFE) - provides a simple yet comprehensive means for warehouse operators both to define their flatness and levelness requirements and to provide extremely effective

daily monitoring and correction of results during the floor’s construction.
While it is well understood that a warehouses’s throughput (in pallets/truck/hour) will be determined in large part by the flatness and levelness of the concrete floor on which the trucks must operate, close control over this warehouse feature is routinely overlooked on most European warehouse floor projects. Decades of worldwide experience, however, has proven that the specification of F-Numbers and the daily testing of floor profile tolerances as the floor is being installed can improve warehouse operational efficiencies by as much as 50%. 
The F-Number System (ASTM E1155M) is a rational, comprehensive, and extraordinarily effective methodology for specifying and controlling both floor flatness and levelness in all situations where the traffic patterns are unconstrained. ASTM E1155M describes the measurement and calculation of two kinds of F-Numbers: FF and FL. FF („F” = „Flatness”) numbers control the floor's local bumpiness. FL („L” = „Levelness”) numbers control the floor's local inclination relative to horizontal. The higher the floor's FF and FL numbers, the better its flatness and levelness.
F-Numbers are derived from a statistical analysis of the floor's surface profile measured at 30cm and 3m intervals. The floor profiling instruments offered by Allen Face Europe - the D-Meter® and F-Meter® - are particularly well suited for the task. In fact, F-Number testing with either the D-Meter® or F-Meter® is extremely fast and simple. Any building owner, general contractor, concrete floor installer or local testing lab can learn to do it in less than an hour, thus eliminating the need to bring in any specialty (viz. expensive) floor testing firm.
Allen Face Europe is the European counterpart of the Allen Face Companies (USA) – inventor of the Superflat Floor, the F-Number System, and the instruments used to test them. Formed in 2013 by Noemi Nagy, AFE draws upon Allen Face's three dacades of international experience in concrete floor profile specification and control to help warehouse owners and designers incorporate these powerful tools into their warehouse concrete floor projects, and thereby ensure the successful, high-speed, low-maintenance operation of their lift trucks.