Benefits of Pick & Pack Fulfilment Services


Pick and pack fulfilment is becoming an attractive option for companies looking to outsource their fulfilment requirements to specialised providers. Darren Woollard, Director of DMG Freight Services, explores potential benefits of pick and pack fulfilment services. 
Generate a larger volume of products at lower prices
Because fulfilment companies are processing the needs of multiple companies, they are capable of generating a larger volume of products than a single company. Because of the large volume of products, they are also a more affordable option compared to a company doing it on their own.
Better cost/benefit ratio
Outsourcing to a fulfilment company offers all clients the opportunity to share the resources of the fulfilment provider. The provider will be the one to invest in upkeep of the fulfilment framework. All clients will contribute money into the fulfilment benefits. This equates to a better cost/benefit ratio for the amount spent on fulfilment.
Greater quality & attention
A large warehouse is likely to have highly organised and trained staff compared to a smaller operation. This includes a higher quality in services and also fewer errors throughout the process. 
For example, during busy times like Christmas, orders are less likely to get backlogged which will only help customer levels of satisfaction. The pressure of seasonal spikes will be on the fulfilment provider rather than your own company. 
With orders being packed on time and appropriately, customers are much more likely to make repeat purchases. You will be more likely to attract long-term and loyal customers through customer satisfaction. Customer happiness will only increase trust in your company and help your business grow stronger.
High level of security
Large fulfilment services offer high security premises that will usually include CCTV and alarms. You should be able to expect a high level of security personnel and monitoring due to the level of investment and responsibility these services have for their clients. 
Quick order fulfilment services & distribution
With a large team of staff, orders will be rapidly picked, pack and delivered to your customers. With a large scale operation, there is also a higher degree of accuracy in getting packages to the right place. Benefits include safe and secure packaging, excellent presentation and clear labelling.
Ideal option for smaller companies
If you are a company that doesn’t have the resources to set up your own fulfilment house, a specialist fulfilment service will give you the opportunity to compete with larger businesses. You will also be able to get your products to market much faster by saving yourself the time of setting up such a large operation.
Learn from the professionals
If you are just starting out or have a small operation with few resources, you could potentially learn a great deal from a fulfilment service provider. They will have the experience in knowing what variables are involved in an operation. They will help you react more speedily and expertly to the demands of your budding business.
The opportunity to focus on growing your business
Finally, outsourcing your fulfilment operation will give you more time to focus on your business rather than managing a warehouse and packing boxes. Leave this to the fulfilment company to worry about while you focus on the vision or your business to drive it forward.