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China Logistics Sector Developments

Traditionally the logistics sector in China was focused on moving products from factories within China to the coastal ocean ports for export to developed markets. More recently the emphasis is just as much on moving goods within the domestic mainland China market in order to reach increasingly prosperous consumers, located all over this huge country. In particular, the residents of second- and third-tier cities in central, western and northeastern China are driving a new wave of domestic consumer demand.   Although logistics in China is the backbone of the supply chain, the industry itself remains complex, inefficient and fragmented, with


Small is the big way to add value

 In contract logistics size matters when it comes to value added services. By Mike Farrall    As the UK economy frees itself from the grips of recession, businesses are looking to scale-up their product offerings and services. However, many organisations are poorly positioned to benefit from a resurgence in demand. Years of constrained investment and tight access to cash have left a broad swathe of companies without the facilities, manpower and resources to offer a more comprehensive, or improved, product range.   Quite often, a new product can simply take the form of a new pack configuration, additional or varied instruction pamphlets, or use


The Next Big Thing In Global Logistics

Ask anyone what the “next big thing” in global logistics will be and guaranteed there will not be unanimous opinion. Nevertheless, there are several forward-moving ideas in motion, and nearly all of them do focus around the idea of a customer-centric supply chain that delivers the goods in ways that completely meet customer expectations.   In a majority of cases, this requires an intermodal approach to transportation. From a logistics standpoint ,as well as an over-arching supply chain strategy ,this approach can deliver quality and timeliness to customers, regardless of which channel they choose (e-commerce, brick and mortar store, etc.).   “We see this



A need for the globalisation of supplier information By Adrian Chamberlain In the absence of accurate global data on suppliers, buyers are exhibiting ‘blind faith’ in lower tiers of their supply chain. Poor visibility at tiers two and three is exposing those who source globally to risk and potential brand damage that should deeply concern any Board, as well as company shareholders.  Business is going global. Corporations are not only sourcing an ever greater proportion of their products and services internationally but are manufacturing on a truly globally basis, often using networks of niche players that collaborate across widely dispersed geographies. Products may


Navigating the Price Maze: Smart Freight Cost Calculation

 Navigating the Price Maze: Smart Freight Cost Calculation Second in a series of AEB white papers on freight management Solutions for shipping operations and strategic supply chain management Leamington Spa,  9th July 2012 – How businesses  can use smart software to better manage freight  costs and what they need to look for when choosing  such a solution - that’s the topic of a new white  paper  from software developer AEB. The  white  paper provides practical advice for shipping  managers and supply chain management strategists  alike and can be downloaded free  of charge from Carrier terms and conditions are to supply chain  managers what mobile phone


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