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How to buy a Reach Truck

 Reach trucks are a key ingredient for warehouses in all industry sectors. Robert O’Donoghue, Senior Product Strategy Manager, NMHG, provides 20 useful tips on what to look for when buying or hiring a reach truck in today’s marketplace, explaining why some features play such an important role. 1. Check residual capacities today Residual capacities change with new truck designs, so it is important to check the very latest statistics from the manufacturer.  Purchasers are aware that the rated capacity decreases at height but, for example, with the new Hyster® 1.6 model, the full 1.6 tonnes lift is now possible up to an impressive


Packaging Automation for Order Fulfillment

This white paper reviews common questions about automated corrugated boxes  designed  specifically for order fulfillment and distribution, whether B2B business of wholesalers or the  B2C business of mail order and e-commerce retailers.   Packaging Automation is a significant investment:  Correct.   Packaging Automation is justified over 1000 boxer per day in a B2B environment, and 3000  boxes per day in B2C. With the above daily volumes, the expected payback is no more than  18 months, the  market standard value.  The  18-month payback is provided by savings on  packing operations, on corrugated materials – mostly void fill – and on transport costs. Packaging Automation is not suitable to 3PL:  Wrong   The 18-month


Forklift Fleet Management

  To keep up with demand for its products,furntiure manufacturer Senator relies on Briggs Equipment to provide materials handling solutions that ensure productivity levels are


Atletís in the pink and blue at Kiddicare

 Lifetime costs and the quality of truck performance and support convinced baby supplier Kiddicare to pick Atlet trucks for its rapidly growing single-site warehousing and retail operations. All the trucks are finished in Kiddicare’s distinctive blue and pink livery   Atlet’s in the pink and blue at Kiddicare   Lifetime costs and the quality of truck performance and support convinced baby supplier Kiddicare to pick Atlet trucks for its rapidly growing single-site warehousing and retail operations. All the trucks are finished in Kiddicare’s distinctive blue and pink livery. Atlet supplied three advanced Forte UHS reach trucks to operate in double-deep racking areas and four Presto PLP pallet transporters configured as mobile picking stations.   “We liked Atlet’s approach,” says Steve Poulter, Kiddicare’s general manager. “They provided the best package


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