David Hilton from Vickers Energy examines why reducing energy costs plays an important role in warehouse environmental policies

Energy consumption and managing a reduction in it should be part of a wider environmental policy that every warehouse should adhere to.  It can be tricky working this into the every day needs of the business but it will pay dividends in the end as implementing policies which include it have a knock on effect on bringing down energy costs.  They also ensure that the warehouse is respecting the local environment and is being socially responsible for its actions. Ensuring your business has a strong policy can reap the rewards for years to come, and is relatively easy to implement.  It should include a reduction in energy consumption, minimising waste and disposing of unavoidable waste in a responsible manner, ensuring the whole of the workforce is aware of its environmental policies, consideration of the environmental impact made when a change occurs in the business i.e. installing new computers and how to recycle old ones, safe disposal of old materials, a pledge that all products which are bought in are environmentally friendly, reusable and can be recycled, reducing paper usage and that all electronic appliances are switched off when not in use. 

The team at Vickers understands how daunting it can be to make changes within a business and works with its customers so that they understand what can be implemented to reduce energy consumption and the positive impact this has on the local environment. It is a complex job to maintain warehouse heating systems and to ensure that different zones are maintained at different temperatures  - you may store chilled food in one area while within the offices staff will require a more comfortable environment.  
We have has been working with warehouses in the UK for over 20 years to help them realise that maintaining an efficient energy system is actually a lot easier than it seems and have helped our customers save thousands of pounds when it comes to their energy consumption. 
We recently carried out a survey amongst small businesses and found that almost half of British SMEs admit to not allocating enough cash reserves to pay their energy bills.  It also found that nearly three quarters of businesses are familiar with ‘bill shock’ during the energy heavy autumn/winter months.  Despite this half are put off examining their energy consumption.  Firms also reported that they spend too much of their budgets on fuel and over half say it is higher than they would like and, if they knew how to reduce it, over 86% would put a plan into place to cut costs.
If the findings apply to you and your business then now is the time to act. www.vickers-energy.co.uk.