Ergonomic alternative to forklifts

Repetitive lifting, lowering, and moving of materials is not ergonomically friendly and causes workplace injuries throughout European materials handling facilities. According to the European Union Labour Force Survey 2007, 3.2 per cent of workers in the EU 27 had an accident at work during a one year period, which corresponds to almost 7 million workers. Ergonomic automated alternatives to manned forklifts are becoming the trend for many manufacturing and distribution facilities across Europe. Robots do not call in sick; robots are not disgruntled; robots don't have workplace injuries. 

Forward thinking manufacturing plant, American Packaging (APC), implemented robots to solve ergonomic challenges, improve safety, and eliminate the need to add labour.  APC deployed a creative solution to address the many challenges of manned forklifts which:
Improve worker, facility, equipment, and product safety
Use robots as a high-tech tool for unmanned material transportation
Create a more productive and efficient manufacturing environment with flexible automation