Preparing your premises for winter

The start of autumn means the start of shorter days, lower temperatures, and undesirable weather conditions. Whether you are celebrating the changing colours and countdown to Christmas, or clinging onto the idea of an Indian summer, it’s the perfect time to crack on with jobs that need to be done to prepare for the coming months and the change in weather.

Chris Budd, Head of UK Sales at Watco, the UK’s leading manufacturer of industrial strength flooring products, gives tips and advice on jobs to be done. 

1 – Waterproofing

We all know what the traditional Autumn and Winter weather is like in the UK; rain, rain and more rain! So it is really important that you get your premises prepared and damp proofed as soon as possible, both inside and out. Damp in your workplace can be an expensive and dangerous problem - it can affect plaster, rendering and cause timber decay, and excess moisture may well cause damage to office equipment, furniture and paperwork. The sooner you damp and water proof, the better, for both you and your employees. In many industries where hygiene is imperative, it is particularly important that mould or mildew is not able to develop. The solution? Keep areas clean. Damp makes your work space so much harder to maintain, and having an easy to clean area is vital to save time, and money.

 Watco Recommends:

          Watco Dampguard : A hardwearing damp proof paint, suitable for interior use on both floors and walls.

          Watco Waterproof Coating : A flexible waterproof coating for brickwork, concrete and stone that bridges gaps and cracks in walls and allows the substrate to breathe. Can be used internally and externally.

          Watco Anti Mould Paint : An anti mould coating which can be used on dry or damp surfaces and can resist mould and mildew growth for up to 5 years.

 2 – Prevent Slips and Trips

Slips, trips and falls at work are a serious issue, HSE reported that they account for over a third of employee injuries, and make up more than half of all reported major/specified injuries. With wet weather, leaves, and icy conditions becoming a hazard outdoors in Autumn anti-slip flooring is a necessity. Watco supply a range of anti-slip coatings, indestructible GRP products and Anti Slip Tapes. Matting is also a great way to prevent slips, and can be used as a temporary or permanent measure, especially for use on roofs.

 Watco Recommends:

          Watco Safety Grip : An interior and exterior anti slip coating, available in Rapid and Cold Cure versions

          Watco Anti Slip Traffic Paint : This hardwearing coating provides a finely textured anti slip surface for external concrete or asphalt areas. For areas with heavy vehicles use Watco Heavy Duty Traffic Paint.

          Watco Roof Walkway Matting : All weather matting to keep walkways safe, easy to lay and maintenance free.

         3 - Repairing Your Roofs

Damaged, tired, and worn out roofs can cause a lot of problems, especially in winter months. Ideally Summer is a great time to get ahead of the game and repair any issues before the weather turns, but most of us don’t get around to it until the start of Autumn! Roof leaks can be incredibly costly in the long term if not repaired, causing a range of problems including mould, damp, and plaster damage. Repairing a roof may seem like a big job, but is easy to tackle with the right tools, which is where Watco steps in! We have an extensive range of repair products, many of which can be applied quickly and easily, even in the rain. For a long lasting solution we strongly recommend using a fibre reinforced rubber and bitumen roof coating – this will prolong the life of your roof by weathering the elements as well as bridging cracks, and means you won’t be heading up to your roof to carry out repairs as often.

 Watco Recommends:

          Roofite : A uniquely blended roof coating which weatherproofs and refurbishes roofs, and is available in a Solar Reflective version if you want to think ahead to the heat of Summer, and reduce energy usage and utility costs!

          Roofite Joint Seal : This bitumen based joint seal makes it incredibly easy to seal & repair cracks, joints and gutters.

          Roofite Repair Mortar : A thick trowellable & flexible waterproofer perfect for fixing your leaky roof.