Productivity Gains and Labour Savings on the Manufacturing Floor

Hearth & Home Technologies ,Lakeville, MN,USA

The Challenge
As the world’s leading producer and installer of hearth products, Hearth & Home
Technologies is always looking for ways to improve quality and gain efficiencies.
In this case, Hearth & Home sought to reduce travel time and costs associated
with the delivery of parts to its manufacturing assembly locations.
The Solution
Using Seegrid Robotic Industrial Trucks and the patented, vision guided
WalkThruThenWork  technology, Hearth & Home was able to experience the
following benefits:
• No costly expansion or redesign of the warehouse
• Fast and effective deployment within hours instead of days
• No wire guides, magnets, lasers or engineers to make changes or
• Ability to change routes quickly and easily
• Easy to train existing employees with very little time or effort
• Vehicle and route control in operations hands
• Cost effective investment with lower Total Cost of Ownership
• Facilitates lean process initiatives and optimization
The Results
Seegrid’s Robotic Industrial Trucks were quickly accepted by the operations staff
and allowed Hearth & Home flexibility that they immediately turned into savings
and efficiencies, including:
• Product Flow Changes on the Fly: Easy to change routes in less than
one hour, not days
• Trouble Shooting: Operators do their own, reduced cost and downtime
and improved serviceability, as it is familiar technology and platform to
existing lift trucks
• Productivity Gains & Labor Savings: Redeployment of existing employees
to other production areas
• Safety, Reliability & Ease of Operation: Lower Total Cost of Ownership
than AGV’s, easy to deploy, reduced travel distances and less wear and
tear on employees