Secur™ has never been breached and will protect against;

  • Intruders
  • Looters
  • Ram raids
  • Explosions
  • Bomb blast

Security Blinds is a leading manufacturer of physical security and protection systems in the UK. Servicing all sectors, the patented Secur™ system provides protection against theft and forced entry. The higher specification of the Secur™ system also gives businesses and institutions the opportunity to take proactive steps to address the threat of terrorism having met stringent testing requirements to win endorsement in the UK by the Home Office, Association of Chief Police Officers, leading banks, and local authorities through its ability to protect people, property and equipment from bomb blasts and industrial explosions.

Security Blinds offers a bespoke service for window security internationally - its an attractive solution that looks and acts just like a vertical blind. Secur™ is an efficient way to protect your offices as it has never been breached, it also safeguards you against disruption, losses and damage to your business, assets and property. It is ideal for the protection of high value products such as art, sensitive materials or combustible goods.

One reason why the higher specification of the Secur™ product has been so well received, especially by the police, is simple. It does much more than just protect property, it can save lives. Secur™, in conjunction with Anti-Shatter Film or Polycarbonate Sheets, has been tested and proved highly effective in mitigating the effects of bomb blasts and therefore provides a solution to protect personnel and property from terrorist or industrial explosions.

The way Secur™ protects against blast is deceptively simple. The second a blast occurs in the vicinity of your protected premises, the blades snap shut. This provides an impenetrable barrier, preventing flying glass and debris from penetrating the building, protecting both the internal premises and individuals in them. The building also remains secure from looting.

Recent sites internationally for the Secur™ product are Non Government Organisations (NGOs), power stations, police, financial services and critical infrastructure sties.

The protection of high value goods and cash is an area where Security Blinds has particular expertise. Security Blinds takes a consultative approach with the retail banks in the UK where the company has installed physical security measures for all of the main banks. This expertise along with such a high level of security means that this solutions will protect against intruders, sabotage, looting and blast to make the facility highly secure. Secur™ provides this level of protection in cash centres because it is a trusted, bespoke solution, deployable anywhere and tested to a high level of protection by the Police and UK Home Office.

With reference to a counter terror, solution with blast protection and intruder prevention capabilities for a highly secure facility, Wayne Money, Chief Executive recently said: ‘’Our continued focus on critical facility protection and deep client relationships is paying off with new business and repeat orders, we fully expect this order to be the start of a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Due to the modular nature of our product set we are able to design solutions to specific threats quickly and efficiently.’’

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