Twintec design and construct jointless steel fibre reinforced floor slab for Distribution Centre in Thailand

 51,500 square metres of ‘jointless’ steel fibre reinforced (SFRC) floor slab has been designed and constructed by Twintec Industrial Flooring for Tesco Lotus Distribution Centre, Khon Kaen, Thailand.  

Tesco Lotus is one of the leading retailers in Thailand and the second largest international business of the Tesco Group with 1,400+ stores, serving 11 million customers every week and has over 45,000 employees. Throughout the 18 years it has operated in Thailand, its business principle of providing the best to its customers has been maintained with pride.
The new distribution centre in Khon Kaen is a multi-use ambient and chill facility designed to facilitate the expansion of its upcountry network and Tesco Lotus chose Twintec to design and construct the ‘jointless’ SFRC floor slab.
Twintec were able to demonstrate a track record of ¾ million m² of ‘jointless’ floor slabs constructed for Tesco in the UK coupled with the ability to deliver quality floor slabs around
the globe.
The project followed the Twintec Design-Build-Insure concept with total responsibility being
taken for the concrete floor slab package.  The Twintec design also incorporated the HC Sinus-Slide construction joint for the first time in Thailand. 
The Twintec team completed the project laying 51,500 square metres to FM2 Special flatness tolerance in 41 days with the skilled construction team working six days a week to meet the programme requirements.  Twintec believe that attention to detail and dialogue with all parties involved in a project is essential for success and the professionalism of Project Managers PPS, Engineers Meinhardt and Main Contractor Ritta working with Twintec were key to the construction of a high quality floor slab.
The Twintec scope of works included:
Value engineered design solution
All specialist plant and equipment
Skilled and experienced on-site and off-site staff
Dedicated points of contact including a Twintec concrete specialist assigned to the project 
All construction materials
Stringent quality control processes
Professional Indemnity Insurance (£5 million) and 5 year warranty
Twintec took total responsibility for the concrete mix design and supply and believe this is a critical project success factor.  Twintec's assigned concrete specialist made a detailed assessment of the local concrete supply (material composition, location, output capabilities) and carried out trial mixes.  Effective handling, delivery and placement of fresh concrete ensures good cohesion, low risk of segregation and good finishing properties.  Delivery checking procedures and ongoing testing throughout the works ensured consistency of the product.
‘Jointless’ warehouse floors
It is well documented that reducing the number of joints in a floor slab will have a major impact on operational efficiencies as well as floor and MHE maintenance costs. The inclusion of sawn cut contraction joints within a design translates into the warehouse operator having up to 75% more joints to maintain on a regular basis and having a floor slab more likely to experience curling and to require remedial works to repair the breakdown that will occur where no edge reinforcement is present.    
The correct installation of a quality armoured construction joint is essential and ongoing innovations in this area will ensure that the end user reaps the benefits of a truly ‘jointless’ floor slab.  One such example is the HC Sinus-Slide® expansion joint that provides continuous support for passing wheels, enabling vibration free crossings and creates smooth and optimal load transfers. [See image]
Why you need a specialist flooring contractor
Clients, developers, consultants and contractors are often presented with a choice of flooring contractors to use for their new warehouse developments.  Comparing like for like is not always straightforward and a decision based only on price could result in long term operational/maintenance issues for the warehouse operator and financial implications for developers and general contractors.  There are a few key factors that should be considered carefully before selecting your flooring contractor: 
Split responsibilities
Design, materials and construction can be a risk if specified and sourced independently.
A specialist flooring contractor will take responsibility for the complete flooring package from design through to production and provide ongoing assurance with appropriate insurance guarantees.  
The highest quality materials combined with in-depth knowledge and experience is critical.
A specialist flooring contractor will ensure the concrete mix design is specified according to locally available materials, as well as controlling concrete purchase and timely delivery to site.  Integration of steel fibres on site must be carried out by experienced operators with a high speed fibre integration machine to ensure homogenous mixing of the fibres into the concrete.
Track record
Satisfaction may be achieved at handover; it is more important to have maintained that satisfaction 10 years later.  A specialist flooring contractor will be able to demonstrate a quantifiable track record spanning all areas of the business; design, methodology in line with international standards, procurement, materials testing, production and completed
reference sites.
Quality control
Successful quality assurance plans start during pre-pouring phase and continue during and post slab pour.  A specialist flooring contractor will present a well-structured QC procedure, organised programme of works, experienced site management and a skilled, qualified and motivated workforce.
You need a specialist flooring contractor because, 
Purely cost driven tendering and procurement is commonly reflected in performance and durability; short term financial benefits can soon become long term maintenance and operational losses.  Consider investing in your floor and your operational efficiency rather than paying for it forever.