Hyster H2.0-3.5FT ICE lift trucks are now available with added value features incorporated as standard to deliver all-round benefits to demanding operations throughout the supply chain. Matthew Allen, Product Manager for Hyster Europe, shares his pick of ten of the truck’s features and options which are providing 360-degree benefits in industry applications for 2019, and beyond. 1. Operator Comfort
 The Hyster Fortens 2-3.5 tonne capacity forklift offering has developed over time to support individual application needs and deliver all-round benefits.  One key consideration is operator comfort, which can impact productivity, especially during long shifts. Suitable for operations of any size, Hyster® Fortens® lift trucks have a spacious operator compartment and ergonomic air suspension seat creating a comfortable working environment.
 The intelligent design of the truck helps keep whole body vibration and noise levels low and there is easy access to the cab, optimal all-round visibility and conveniently located controls – all contributing to operator comfort and aiding productivity. 
2. Reliable Transmission 
 A reliable transmission protects lift trucks from any major damage when operating in intense 24/7 applications.  The Hyster® DuraMatch™ transmission option on the FT series is electronically controlled and protected and supports the most intense 2-3 shift operations, seven days a week. 
 When the accelerator pedal is released, the DuraMatch™ transmission automatically reduces the truck’s speed, helping to protect the powertrain and reduce tyre and brake wear, while offering smooth direction change. 
3. Driver Assistance 
 Good awareness and visibility are essential, particularly in operations with many forklifts, or areas where pedestrians work alongside vehicles. Several features are now available as standard on the Hyster® 2-3.5FT series to bring additional support to operators.  
 LED lights complement the truck’s design to optimise visibility, while an operator password function is also available to heighten onsite security.
 To help drivers accurately position loads at height, return-to-set tilt is now included when the TouchPoint e-hydraulics option is ordered, and where the DuraMatch™ transmission is ordered, anti-roll back on ramp, powertrain protection and a standard speed limiter are also included.
 For some applications, the option of a panoramic mirror and pedestrian awareness lights may help increase awareness, particularly where forklifts are operating in areas where other trucks and pedestrians may be present.
4. Low Total Cost of Ownership
 Whatever the application, Hyster® Fortens® trucks are designed for maximum productivity, low lifetime costs and extended service intervals. For example, oil immersed brakes are protected from tough, dirty environments, minimising brake maintenance.
 The ECO-eLo fuel efficiency mode can be used to help reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%, while the Auto-Deceleration system can support up to a 50% reduction in tyre and brake wear. Pit Stop Line tyres can also maximise tyre usage to manage costs.
 Load sensing hydraulics are also available, helping to increase productivity and lower fuel consumption, further contributing to reduced overall operating costs.
5. Hyster Fleet Management
 Hyster Tracker telematics, which can be ordered for factory-fit or installed later via local Hyster® distribution partners, can further increase uptime and profitability. Through monitoring the usage of Hyster® Fortens® lift trucks, businesses can identify the right number of trucks needed to suit the specific application, or better utilise their fleet to maximise productivity.
 The Hyster Tracker option can also be used to monitor and schedule forklift repair and maintenance, minimising unplanned downtime, and providing insight into total cost of ownership, for effective cost management.  
6. Reliable Engine
 A reliable engine is at the heart of a dependable and productive lift truck. With reliable, powerful engines, Hyster® Fortens® H2.0-3.5FT models are available that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with diesel and LPG options.
 Proven to lift continuously at capacity in intensive applications, operate on steep gradients, work extreme hours and in dusty environments, these tough trucks are designed to perform consistently in the face of multiple challenges. What’s more, to meet with Stage V emission legislation, the Hyster® H2.0-3.5FT series will be available to order with low emission Stage V compliant Kubota or PSI engines. 
7. Application-matched Attachments
 The Hyster® 360-degree product range provides equipment to meet application specific requirements, including a range of attachments carefully matched to the application to help increase efficiency. For instance, we now offer a factory-fit option on multi-pallet handler and rotator attachments for the Fortens® to help control quality.
8. Customisation Options
  A wide variety of value-added customisation solutions are available to offer all-round benefits in intense industry applications, such as weighing systems, overload detection, intelligent seatbelt, weather protection features and air conditioning for cabins.  
 For applications with tall loads, such as commonly found in beverage and wood applications, a raised operator cabin option enhances visibility and for those operations requiring ATEX compliance, several custom solutions are available.
 The Hyster Special Engineering team also can provide bespoke solutions on the Hyster® FT series to meet a myriad of specific handling needs.
9. Quality Hydraulics
 Leaking hydraulic fluid causes unnecessary downtime for busy and demanding operations, impacting productivity. To enhance reliability, Hyster® Fortens® trucks feature hassle-free hydraulic systems with leak-free O-ring face seal fittings fitted as standard, and hydraulic power on demand, provided by variable displacement pumps. 
10. Warranty Terms
 Warranty terms are often a good indicator of reliability when selecting a forklift truck.  The warranty for models in the Hyster® H2.0-3.5FT series has recently been extended to 2 years or 4000 hours. Factory-fit attachments also come with a choice of two-year or 4000-hour warranty.
 Combined with the other extensive benefits of the H2.0-3.5FT series, this provides a reliable 360-degree solution to meet the demands of applications. 
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