The Press Rooms
How effective is the standard press release? The truth is, most come with little or no accompanying information about the people being quoted, what the sources are or any supporting material such as whitepapers or reports.
The idea of the press release is to make it easier for people to publish stories about you. This is not the case if they have to search for more information about you themselves.

Even where there are links, these are usually just a URL or standard text boiler plate.

The aim of The Press Rooms is to make press releases stand out and be attractive to distributors and publishers, with these two objectives:
a/ for our clients’ news stories to reach a wider, targeted audience; and
b/ to improve their brand awareness and their ability to connect with potential prospects.

How does it Work?
This is an annual subscription service and it is straightforward. You sign up then send your press releases to our dedicated email address. We upload it onto The Press Rooms platform. This pushes your story out to our partners’ online publications and news sites. Their respective editorial teams will review, authorise and publish the story, (providing it is relevant to the target audiences they attract).

Key Benefits and Features
1. Links – our system keeps your links intact, ensuring that any important links you include in your copy will re-direct traffic where you want it to go.

2. Live boiler plate – this is an updateable add-on to your news, and it can contain images, quick links, press contacts, social links and event schedules. Because it is a live feature, all the information accompanying your press release is up to date, and if you want to modify or amend it, we can do this quickly and universally.

3. Banners – we can include a 728 x 90 banner in your press release, and our system will ensure it avoids the conventional banner-blocking on most browsers. We recommend this for longer press releases and news stories only.

4. Twitter – For any content you submit, we will send a Tweet, linking the content to your website. We will also schedule this Tweet for distribution across the social accounts of all media partners involved.

How Much Does it Cost?
The Press Room costs £575 per year, with a limit of 12 press releases a year per company. This compares favourably with some individual sites charging between £150 and £200 for each press release they post.