A-SAFE discuss flexible and optimistic approach to business post-Brexit on ITV Tonight show.

A-SAFE discuss flexible and optimistic approach to business post-Brexit on ITV Tonight show.

• A-SAFE Co-Managing Director Luke Smith and Co-Founder David Smith featured on ITV Tonight on Thursday (06/04/2017) to discuss outlook on trade deals in current and future climates
• A-SAFE business built around ‘embracing change’ and ‘seeing opportunities, not problems’
• Embracing foreign markets despite uncertainty around international trade
• Father and son duo looking forward to forming relationships with new countries
• A-SAFE determined not to let Brexit distract their global growth plans

A-SAFE, international safety barrier specialist, appeared on ITV Tonight’s feature: Deal or No Deal: Brexit Britain on Thursday evening. The 30-minute feature addressed the positive and negative views of UK businesses currently trading in foreign markets.
Five UK companies, including A-SAFE featured on the show to discuss how they thought Brexit would impact their global trading activity. David and son Luke Smith took a refreshingly positive stance on the topic, choosing to look on the bright side of Brexit instead of focusing on the negatives.
A-SAFE’s values are about embracing change and seeing opportunities, not problems, so being confident about post-Brexit trading reflects the culture of the business. David and Luke are looking forward to a potential increase in opportunity post-Brexit, and building relationships with countries they have yet to trade with.
Luke Smith, Co-Managing Director said: “Our customers are at the heart of the A-SAFE business, and they’re incredibly important to us. We would much rather focus on the positives, and continue our ambitious growth plan irrespective of Brexit.
“You need to have a business model that is robust enough to adapt to political decisions, and we are very much of the mindset that it’s business as usual.
“British engineering is the best in the world, and we have a great product. Yes, things will change. Trade deals will change – but that doesn’t stop UK businesses from trading with the rest of the world.”
Earlier that day, ITV news tweeted a preview clip of the evening’s show, featuring a short video of A-SAFE’s interview to 1.63 million followers. User @JohnRobertWho echoed the positive conversation on post-Brexit trading, commenting: “If you make what is wanted in a market somewhere in the world, you will sell what you make. Simple.”