AEB launches new online survey: What role does agile project management play in global trade and logistics?

AEB launches new online survey: What role does agile project management play in global trade and logistics?

· Hype or actual trend? AEB invites responses about agile project management from leaders in logistics, supply chain management, customs, and exports
· Survey now available at, ends on 12th June 2017

Warwick, 4th May 2017 – Many global trade and logistics projects today are so complex and their environment so dynamic that traditional project management methodologies are no longer adequate. Many users are hoping that agile approaches deliver greater efficiency and flexibility at lower cost. It’s a promising formula – but will it work for global trade and logistics projects? That’s the focus of this year’s survey for the joint research study by AEB and the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Stuttgart, Germany. The survey is open now until 12th June 2017 at The resulting study “Global Trade Management Agenda 2018” will be published in the autumn.

Agility: hype with substance?
“Software developers have been using agile methodologies and techniques for quite some time. Now, we see agile project management popping up more and more frequently in other areas of business as well. Agility has essentially become the talk of the town and a real hype”, says Dr. Dirk Hartel from DHBW Stuttgart. “With our survey, we want to find out whether global trade and logistics professionals are using agile methodologies and tools in project management, and if so, what their experience has been”, explains Dr. Ulrich Lison, global trade expert at AEB. “That’s why this year’s research focuses on questions such as: Where do companies stand when it comes to agile project management in global trade and logistics? How are project leaders managing agile projects? And how successful is the methodology really?”

Logistics managers, supply chain professionals, and experts working in the fields of customs and exports in companies of any size and sector are invited to make their voices heard and complete the online questionnaire by 12th June 2017. Every participant who completes the survey will receive a copy of the Global Trade Management Agenda 2018 upon its publication (scheduled for autumn 2017) and will be entered into a raffle to win one of several prizes, including a high-quality laptop backpack, flexible tablet keyboards, and power banks.

Global Trade Management Agenda series
The “Agile Project Management in Global Trade and Logistics” research is part of the “Global Trade Management Agenda” study series – a joint project by software developer AEB and Dr. Dirk Hartel of the University DHBW Stuttgart. The studies in the series examine trending issues in global trade and logistics. The last study, published in late 2016, featured the issue of “Apps in Global Trade and Logistics”, and the 2015 edition focused on “Collaboration in the Supply Chain”. Download free copies at