Amazon will continue to rely on ELOKON’s safety technology in its logistics center in Graben near Augsburg.

Amazon will continue to rely on ELOKON’s safety technology in its logistics center in Graben near Augsburg.

In the six-storey shipping center, which has one of the largest football pitches in Germany, 53 new high-lift order pickers (model SP 3521) from Crown were equipped with the ELOprotect mobile protection system specially developed for the narrow- path mobile security system Anticollision Individual Solution.
The initial situation

Amazon fulfillment – logistics center Graben
One of the success secrets of Amazon is beside the fast order processing as is known the enormous offer. In the newly designed warehouse area, forklift trucks from the American brand Crown will be transporting an almost unclear selection of shoes through the narrow aisles and into the high shelves. In order to avoid rear-end collisions, the vehicles were equipped with ELOprotect as well as with the new module with anticollision.

The proven ELOKON safety system ELOprotect helps to avoid accidents in the warehouse by means of intelligent laser technology by braking the forklift truck when recognizing people or obstacles. In the Anticollision version, which specifically prevents accidents between vehicles, all forklift trucks are equipped with laser scanners that continuously scan the environment. In the case of the Amazon forklift trucks, this is primarily the area in front of the vehicle, since the Amazon racks are almost a one-way system and the forklifts move in only one direction.

The Amazon logistics center in Graben

The logistics center of Amazon in Graben
The logistics center of Amazon in Graben has a total size of 17 soccer fields and houses about 1.2 million pairs of shoes
The solution: project implementation

As soon as the truck travels into one of the narrow aisles, ELOprotect Anticollison becomes active: When a vehicle is standing in front of a shelf during a picking operation and another vehicle is moving towards the standing vehicle, it is braked automatically when reaching a circular danger zone of up to 15 m , In addition, this danger situation is visually and acoustically displayed to the driver on his display and control module. If the vehicle continues to travel, an alarm is given and the brake is braked to the full stop.
Close collaboration with Amazon and Crown

Crown Equipment Corporation
In addition, ELOKON, in collaboration with the forklift manufacturer Crown, has adapted the safety system individually to the requirements of Amazon: ELOprotect Anticollison will also prevent the unauthorized resetting of the forklift trucks, which could lead to dangerous situations due to the one-way traffic at Amazon. The close cooperation with Crown, which has already proved itself in the past, continues as part of this major order during the assembly of the system; ELOKON supported the manufacturer in the initial phase of the project. ELOKON also trained the Crown employees on the high-lift order pickers (model SP 3521) during operation with the personal protection system .

In just six months until completion
At the end of August, when the new forklift trucks were equipped with state-of-the-art ELOKON safety technology as planned through the corridors of the Amazon logistics center, this project lasted only a good half year – even for ELOKON.

But Amazon is well known for its speed …