AMCO are delighted to announce that they have achieved accreditation and certified as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). This new status and mark of quality enhances their customer proposition going forward with a commitment to compliance as an extension of their AMCO quality policy.

Being accredited with status as an AEO means Amco have proved they have high quality internal processes and systems that confirm the company’s consistency in process and performance as well as their quality in service delivery. Internationally, it gives customers the reassurance that Amco complies with all the HMRC standards and is proof of their quality systems and depth of experience in customs and international transport.

Having AEO status is a mark of a company’s dedication to the reduction of threats to an international supply chain and improved relations with business partners, customs administrators as well as customers both new and existing.

Based on the ‘SAFE’ Framework (Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade), the AEO status aims to reinforce the security of supply chains through accreditation to qualifying businesses.

AEO accreditation gives companies an explicit acknowledgment of the ‘Best Practice’ working of the businesses processes and procedures. Other benefits may include a reduction in delayed shipments, improved safety, lower costs, and fewer theft and losses. This ‘Trusted Trader’ Status is internationally recognised as a symbol of the security of a supply chain and demonstrates the quality and integrity of a business’s role in the chain.

Stuart Tooze Amco Group’s Head of Supply Chain Compliance says “AEO status reinforces the strength of Amco’s commitment to customers and will bring direct benefits for those looking to us to become an essential part of their supply chain.

“Our certification was awarded following an internal review process leading up to a final audit from HMRC to ensure all operational processes, IT, security, procurement, HR and customs procedures met HMRC’s strict standards. The award is further evidence to the international logistics market that Amco Group continues to be a market leader in Global Logistics.”

Sean Trainor Amco’s Business Development Director added “For the Amco customer the benefits are apparent, choosing a business with this accreditation will make a serious difference when the importation of goods is time and cost sensitive. It tells our existing and future customers that as a business Amco is at the forefront of industry standards, representing quality across all areas of their business. Being AEOC ensures where possible, Customs Guarantee Waivers, which will expedite the customs clearance of goods.

Trainor added,  “AEO status offers the AMCO customer reduced risk of fines and penalties. We can already see that customer thinking is trending towards the feeling that is “if you’re not an AEO you can’t trade with us”. Amco having AEO should put us on the radar for new customers and give additional confidence to our existing customers, as we are HMRC certified as trusted and reliable.”

When asked what AEO certification means to an Amco customer, Ash Lovewell, the Head of Supply Chain at Webasto said, “Having obtained AEOC status, Amco continue to grow as a strategic partner helping in our efforts to standardise and improve our customs practices.  With the ongoing threat that a hard Brexit would bring to bear on our international supply chain, working with a customs agent and logistics company that takes its responsibilities seriously is vitally important for our contingency planning for our day-to-day operations post Brexit.  Knowing that Amco’s processes are tested and scrutinised as part of the AEOC accreditation gives us the confidence that they will be able to guide us on customs requirements whilst we continue to move goods around the globe in a rapidly changing and challenging environment that may last for several years to come”.

In the UK, only 626 British Businesses successfully achieved the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status. Despite the advantages, this brings to businesses importing and exporting from the UK this equates to only 4% of AEO Businesses registered across the EU.

In addition, Amco as an AEO goes towards future-proofing regarding Brexit, as the AEO status supports access to customs special procedures such as  ‘quick release of cargo’, and therefore lower risk rating, fewer selections and examinations; all supported by the integrity audit to prevent any abuse of status.

There are different types of AEO status because of changes in European legislation which impact on Customs Warehouse authorisation significantly, as well as the potential increase in countries becoming what’s called ‘third countries’ post-Brexit. Amco’s AEOC certification means pre-qualification for customs simplifications and is available to any business that fulfils the criteria of customs compliance, appropriate record keeping standards, financial solvency and practical standards of competence or professional qualifications directly related to the activity carried out. (Source GOV.UK)

AMCO Services has provided reliable, economic logistics services across a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors for over 35 years and whilst UK, European and International Warehousing and Logistics are the core business, the business flexibility and thought leadership demonstrated by CEO Paul Andrews and the AMCO team is a clear indicator of the aim to develop as a Warehousing and Logistics Solutions Provider, offering customers a logistics partnership with value-added services.

Amco have a proven and successful track record in international supply chain management and logistics, currently providing logistics services to many major Automotive OEM. 1st and 2nd tier customers including Sertec, Futaba, DENSO JLR, BMW, FORD, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Morgan Motor Company, Lear Corporation, MAGNA, Grupo Antolin, Komatsu and Brose.