Applied Driving, the global provider of driver safety and performance management solutions, had a record year in 2022. Following a 24% increase in its UK and international client base, the company experienced a 142% rise in in-vehicle driver training sessions and 34% growth in completed e-learning modules. Applied Driving has also seen a strong demand for its innovative technology Companion+, now available as a smartphone app or through telematic integration, as fleets focus on the elimination of at-risk driver behaviour.

“We have achieved record levels of growth during the past 12 months having expanded both our customer base and channel network,” explains Andy Phillips, Global Managing Partner at Applied Driving. “There is greater recognition than ever within the marketplace that companies have a duty of care to safeguard their drivers and other road users, while the challenging economic environment is driving the need for fleet-related cost savings.”

As lockdown restrictions have been removed over the past year, Applied Driving has seen a significant return to in-vehicle training, with fleets combining face-to-face and online training to target risk reduction where it is needed most. To best meet this increasing demand, Applied Driving has appointed a new Head of Training and Education, Orlando Collesso, to develop its blended learning solutions that take advantage of the latest advances in behaviour monitoring, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

Applied Driving has continued to push technological innovation with Companion+ being integrated with several leading telematics systems. Fleets with existing vehicle tracking and camera data streams can now achieve automated risk reduction, and Triggered TrainingTM toenhance driver knowledge and increase safe driving behaviour. In addition, the company has further enhanced its range of e-learning modules and safety videos in line with current road and driver risks.

“Applied Driving is already supporting over 220,000 drivers in 50 countries, providing best practice driver safety and fleet performance management solutions. We look forward to building on the success achieved in 2022 through the continued innovation and service excellence of our growing team,” adds Phillips.