Leading two-person home delivery company ArrowXL is expanding its workforce due to an increase in demand in 2020. Around 100 jobs will be created in the two-phase recruitment operation, which will take place in various cities and towns across the UK.

ArrowXL has seen hundreds of applications submitted after announcing the new roles focussing on warehouse operations and delivery. The recruitment drive comes after a 10% increase on budgeted volumes, and will create jobs in warehouses based in Airdrie, Wigan, Enfield and Worcester as well as a national delivery network.

Peter Louden, ArrowXL COO, said: “An increase in demand shows that our customer experience and operations are succeeding. We want to meet the demand ambitiously and create much-needed jobs across the UK, and we’re excited to increase our capability. We received more than 200 applications in 24 hours for warehouse and delivery positions and interviews are currently underway.”

The new warehouse operators will be responsible for unloading goods, storage, picking, and loading vans to support the extensive two-person delivery operation that delivers over 2 million customer orders every year. Over fifty new delivery drivers will also be appointed with crews making 35-40 deliveries per day to any room of choice The roles will be based in Worcester, Norwich, Peterborough, Portsmouth, Wigan, Newton Aycliffe, Doncaster, Enfield and Airdrie.

Reports have shown that Lockdown led to a boom in e-commerce, with nearly 30% of retail trade being conducted online during this period, with seemingly no indication that this trend will be reversed. ArrowXL have also won significant corporate contracts throughout the lockdown period, including Argos, WaterRower and fireplace specialist Fired Up.

Lockdown has also seen an increase in clients and customers utilising the recently launched award-winning askAXL tracking app, allowing customers to track orders in real time as a 2-hour slot dynamically reduces to just 30 minutes.

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