ASSA ABLOY launches new automatic restraint system

ASSA ABLOY launches new automatic restraint system

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is helping to make loading bays safer with the introduction of the new DE6190AR Automatic Restraint System. The new restraint minimises the risk of accident and injury by preventing unplanned vehicle movement during the loading process.

The DE6190AR Automatic Restraint System has a cylindrical blocking arm which traps the trailer wheel, providing two key safety advantages: vehicle creep is eliminated, and the vehicle cannot pull away before the loading process is entirely complete and is cleared to depart. The patented hydraulic system applies a constant restraining force during loading operations, offering reliable security.

Compatible with a wide range of vehicles, the ASSA ABLOY DE6190AR Automatic Restraint System also features an enhanced, patented retractable detection arm, which tucks neatly into position alongside the moving unit when not in use, preventing damage to the detection arm and trailer tail lift units. The interlocked operations system means that dock doors cannot open until the restraint system is in place and the blocking arm will only retract when the door is closed. This integration provides total control and ensures that trucks will never be able to move off until loading is complete, when forklifts and personnel are at a safe distance from the loading bay.

Ensuring safety at loading bays should not be difficult and the ASSA ABLOY DE6190AR Automatic Restraint System offers an easy to install solution. It requires minimal building preparation, limited internal space, and connecting it to the operating control box is simple, as just one point of connection is needed from the outside.

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