Be for Beauty company behind The INKEY List, scales up demand planning processes with FuturMaster

Be for Beauty company behind The INKEY List, scales up demand planning processes with FuturMaster

  • Brand Evangelists for Beauty (Be for Beauty), has gone through an exponential period of growth over the last couple of years. 

  • To scale, in the context of volatile demand and price increases, deploying a unique and common collaborative demand planning platform for the company became a priority to maintain service levels and control costs.

Brand Evangelists for Beauty (Be for Beauty) was created 5 years ago by Colette Laxton & Mark Curry. Over the last couple of years, the company has faced strong growth. Their main brand, The INKEY List, has created 4.5 million skin and hair recipes and now counts for over 5 million customer interactions and products being sold in 32 countries. With more than 40 awards and the number 1 followed skincare brand on TikTok, rapid global growth has led to an increase in product SKUs accelerating the need to build and share accurate sales forecasts to maintain service levels but also to control costs.

Be for Beauty was heavily reliant on spreadsheets to create, enrich and collaborate on the forecast. These became too complex to use and maintain, therefore they identified the need for a robust and scalable demand planning solution to secure and industrialize their sales forecasting process, thus enabling them to scale. 

FuturMaster’s Bloom Demand Planning platform was selected to improve demand planning effectiveness and efficiency. It is a flexible solution that can support Be for Beauty on its global rapid growth journey. With FuturMaster’s comprehensive list of Health & Beauty clients, the software vendor has been recognized for its knowledge, skills, and expertise within the industry, and identified as the ideal long-term strategic partner to support Be for Beauty’s exponential growth.

Suzanne Coulton, Chief Operating Officer of Be for Beauty said, “We found the FuturMaster team really took the time to understand the challenges we were facing as a business and proposed a great best-fit solution that will both improve our forecasting accuracy and streamline our operations process through efficiencies.”

Matt Hughes, FuturMaster Sales Director, commented: “We are thrilled to have been selected as a demand planning partner by Be for Beauty. Working across so many territories with so many product lines, as they continue to grow The INKEY List and the other brands under their umbrella, Be for Beauty will require a comprehensive demand planning solution far beyond the remit of spreadsheet packages.” 

“With FuturMaster’s scalable solution and our far-ranging experience of working with health and beauty clients, we will be able to provide Be for Beauty with the support they need as they continue their exponential growth.”