Benefits Of Using Electric Machinery For Warehousing, Transportation And Storage Operations

Benefits Of Using Electric Machinery For Warehousing, Transportation And Storage Operations

In today’s age, work standards are constantly improving. It is not uncommon knowledge that switching to more sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of working is the way forward, and this is no different for the warehousing, transportation and storage industry. As such, this blog will discuss:

  • Why the world is going greener
  • The advantages of using electric powered machinery 
  • Final considerations

Why The World Is Going Greener: 

Firstly, it is important to understand why the world is transitioning to a greener approach and relying on more electric powered machinery in the near distant future. Within the next 20 years, it is estimated that as a planet, we will reach our peak capacity for oil consumption. As a result, this means that petrol and diesel powered vehicles will eventually experience a downward decline and who knows, eventually become redundant.

We can already see the success and recent emergence of Elon Musk’s iconic ‘Tesla’ electric powered car and it can be expected that electric powered machinery will follow suit in terms of popularity, sustainability and practical uses. In addition, as global production of oil is decreasing, the need for oil continues to be high consequently, demand will eventually exceed supply which is something to consider for all warehousing businesses regarding their future direction of operations.

The Advantages Of Using Electric Powered Machinery: 

  1. Reduce Energy-Related Costs

The first and most well documented benefit of greener machinery is the reduction in energy related costs. Energy and water are the prime concern for manufacturers so focusing on improving these two variables can drastically reduce business expenses.

Alternatively, switching to energy-efficient lighting and adjusting lighting levels in accordance with your production schedule will reduce your long-term electrical costs. Regular equipment inspections will also display great benefits. Changing how you package your products can provide cost reductions and free up space in warehousing, transportation and storage facilities. 

Solar and wind energy is another major factor along with energy efficient equipment which will greatly reduce monthly utility bills. Implementing strategies such as recycling and going paperless will also save on supply costs. 

  1. Attract New Customers And Increase Sales

Limiting your carbon emission and overall damage to the environment can definitely make a company more marketable. Consumers are becoming more environmentally engaged and aware, so making improvements will strengthen business branding. In addition, people want to do business with highly sustainable companies so by highlighting the greener initiatives to the public, it will help attract a whole new base of customers, resulting in increased sales and potential media coverage. 

  1. On Par Performance With Petrol/Diesel

While switching to more greener tactics for machine use is definitely a more sustainable option, warehouse, transportation and storage businesses may question the performance of the machinery. They may assume the machine is slower in terms of efficiency as petrol generally can generate more energy for the machines however, this is not true. One machine in particular that is leaps and bounds more efficient than petrol powered machinery are the new Lithium-Ion battery forklifts from EP Equipment.

Lithium-Ion forklifts have resulted in smoother operating, less noise pollution and easy driving. Lithium-ion powered vehicles have advanced within the last 20 years and have now reached operating standards that match other fuel types. They are the ideal solution for any warehouse business that are looking to improve their sustainability whilst maintaining the same high levels of performance gained from forklifts powered by fossil fuels. With this information in mind, it is becoming more and more prevalent that ‘greener machines’ in today’s work standards are slowly overtaking their fuel powered counterparts in the near distant future.

  1. Boost Employee Morale 

Employees tend to work harder when they are engaged in the work they are doing –  especially in sustainable activities. Adopting greener operating methods fosters a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement. By internally communicating the importance of changes and the impact they are having on the business and environment, business owners will positively influence their corporate culture and their employees. 

Similarly, sustainability can also spark innovation. For example, if businesses challenge their employees to go paperless or attempt to recycle more waste during the manufacturing process, it often leads to additional ideas for operational improvements.

  1. Positive impact on society 

One of the biggest complaints that machinery naturally imposes is the level of noise emitted. Employees using the machines and even neighboring communities are prone to receiving the backend of noise pollution which clearly can generate negative repercussions for warehousing, transportation and storage businesses.

With quieter, electric machines, warehouse and similar facilities can have the potential to work longer hours (thus, enhancing productivity) without disturbing the environment in the process, essentially a win-win for everyone.

Furthermore, by implementing changes, you will have a smaller carbon footprint and reduce the number of toxins released into the Earth’s atmosphere. As a concequence, future generations ultimately benefit from improved air, water quality, fewer landfills and more renewable energy sources.

Final Considerations: 

Now that you are more aware of why incorporating greener machinery will benefit your future operations, you may be thinking that there is some sort of catch when investing in such machinery. While generally the initial start-up cost of installing greener or electric powered machines can be higher, it will in fact save you money over time. This is because technically, renewable resources such as solar are freely available so If you are able to process these resources yourself, your energy will be entirely free.

As a final point, adopting more greener practices will mean that your machines are more sustainable so there will be less concern for your machines if any global shortages of fuel happen in the near distant future so it could be an idea to switch to a greener alternative sooner rather than later.