Can professional pallet warehousing make the difference?

Can professional pallet warehousing make the difference?

Is the success of your business being hampered by limited space to store your products or raw materials? Or do you run an online ecommerce site and need to provide your customers with ever increasing order levels? If you can answer yes to either of these, outsourcing storage of your finished goods or raw materials to a professional pallet warehousing operator may make the difference between success and failure.

It has been widely reported in the business media that the UK has been experiencing a short supply of pallet warehousing space. This has been partly attributed to the increase in demand for storage from ecommerce retailers. Customer expectations around service are very high both in store and online. Technological developments are also transforming the retail industry allowing firms to offer customers a whole host of shopping choices beyond physical retail premises.

Impending business rate increases look likely to increase high street retailers costs and many are likely to be reviewing the size of the retail premises – putting an even tighter squeeze on storage facilities and growing demand for commercial pallet warehousing solutions.

According to the latest Bank of England ‘Agents’ summary of business conditions’ there continues to a modest growth in manufacturing output. The fall in sterling and a stronger world economy has led to a rise in export volume growth. Investment intentions have also picked up during the first quarter of 2017, pointing to modest growth in spending in the year ahead. As manufacturers look to take advantage of the situation many will be looking to increase productivity by using automation. This ‘fourth industrial revolution’ can impact on a company’s ability to stock its raw materials and finished products on site. It can make economic sense for such companies to look to outsource their pallet warehousing to a 3PL rather than take on extra space themselves.

Logistics provider Johnston Logistics UK (JLUK), has responded to the continued shortage of modern and fit-for-purpose pallet warehousing space by creating over 6000 extra pallet storage spaces at their site at Snetterton, Norfolk. Alongside pallet warehousing for commercial goods, JLUK also provides a range of other services like order fulfilment, pick and pack and distribution. With wide aisles and state-of-the art handling equipment, the company can store and handle inventory regardless of its size or fragility. They also certified at the highest AA grade BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution, demonstrating that only the best practices in handling, storing and distribution of products are used across the site.