CitrusAd gives brands the key to keywords

CitrusAd gives brands the key to keywords

CitrusAd, a leader in retail media, unlocks keyword bidding – continuing their product strategy of making life easier for brands and advertising agencies. The CitrusAd campaign dashboard has always transparently shown which keywords were working the best for each campaign, with visibility into share of voice and percent of impressions won. But now marketers can include separate bid strategies on each keyword all within one campaign, simplifying campaign creation and consolidating campaign management. The rollout of the new feature is expected to be live from June.

The CitrusAd, powered by Epsilon, platform already suggests appropriate keywords and allows the advertiser to choose all keywords, while transparently showing the performance of each keyword within campaigns. Now brands and agencies can run campaigns on CitrusAd and optimise based on the performance of selected keywords. 

This is the first in a series of platform enhancements that CitrusAd is rolling out to help brands and advertisers easily create and manage campaigns. As a result, campaigns will continue to increase effectiveness with meaningful and relevant reach. 

“CitrusAd is delighted to bring this easy and intuitive way for marketers to optimize their campaigns. While a campaign may have had a CPC bid across the board initially, it was incredibly clear on our platform that some keywords are more valuable to marketers than others. The new bid-by-keyword capability, allows marketers to weight their campaigns by the most effective keywords for profitable results,” says Adam Skinner, Managing Director, Retail Media Networks, CitrusAd.