Connection Between AX4 Logistics Platform And INTTRA Partner Network.

Connection Between AX4 Logistics Platform And INTTRA Partner Network.

The cloud specialist AXIT has signed a software alliance agreement with INTTRA, the largest neutral network, software and information provider at the center of the ocean shipping industry. The agreement gives customers of the Siemens subsidiary AXIT access to the services of the global and industry leading transaction platform for ocean trade.

Users of AXIT’s AX4 logistics platform gain the option of end-to-end digital processing of ocean freight with the more than 30,000 carriers and 60 shipping companies that are connected to INTTRA. Planning transports, booking containers, tracking shipments: The link to INTTRA makes it possible for all the steps in the ocean logistics process to be managed electronically from within AX4.

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Users can enjoy various features to streamline their ocean freight processes, including searching vessel sailing schedules across all their carriers and generating transport documents such as the bill of lading or electronic verified gross mass.

“Connecting the AX4 logistics platform with the INTTRA network lets our customers easily manage ocean freight transports and integrate them into their supply chain,” observes Uwe Schumacher, Vice President of Business Development at AXIT. “Even transports involving more than one mode of transport can be seamlessly planned and managed through just a single interface.” This makes all ocean freight information digitally available in one system, Schumacher explains, bringing visibility and an improved collaborative environment to global supply chain partners.

“Supply chains don’t end at the port’s edge”

More than 800,000 container orders are currently initiated through INTTRA each week, representing about a quarter of all ocean container trade worldwide. The platform provides access to shipping timetables and all other key maritime data.

Gabriela Albreht, Strategic Alliance Manager EMEA at INTTRA, sees AXIT as a vital partner in the effort to make ocean freight management fully digital. “Supply chains don’t end at the port’s edge. We are pleased to be able to give AXIT customers easier access to maritime supply chains.”

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