To minimise downtime and optimise productivity, construction materials handling operations can now combine driver awareness add-ons with the all-round benefits of the Hyster® Fortens™ lift truck series.

“Safety, productivity and reliability are all of paramount importance to operations like DIY retail distribution centres or construction materials manufacturing,” says Botros Hanna, Industry Manager for Hyster Europe. “To minimise costs and downtime, and maximise return on investment, its crucial to select materials handling equipment that helps operators to avoid damage.”

For instance, the Hyster® H3.5FT lift truck, with 3.5 tonne capacity, is designed with good driver awareness as standard and is a popular choice for handling building materials, such as bricks, tiles, cement bags, aggregate or insulation materials.

Hyster® Fortens™ lift trucks feature an operator cab that provides good visibility, optimal comfort and intuitive controls, which all help contribute to better awareness and accurate operation. This allows operators to be productive and helps them to avoid damage to the truck, loads or infrastructure which could otherwise result in maintenance and downtime.

“Warehouse space is often tight in the construction materials supply chain,” says Botros. “A range of add-ons, such as object detection systems, cameras and lights, are available to support drivers when manoeuvring in these areas.”

Hyster® object detection solutions offer support to the driver in identifying nearby hazards, in turn potentially avoiding costly damage. These solutions may include visual and audible alerts for drivers or may immobilise or slow the lift truck if the sensors detect an obstacle.

Similarly, Hyster® camera systems may also help support visibility, making it possible for operators to view the immediate area surrounding a truck and the load. Plus, flashing front/reverse lights and pedestrian awareness spot lights can be used to help alert pedestrians to lift trucks on the move.

Load overload detection systems can also be integrated to Hyster® Fortens™ lift trucks for those operations challenged by handling loads with variable or unknown weights. This helps drivers adjust their operation according to the load, reducing truck wear and the resulting maintenance and downtime.

To further support operations in maximising productivity and minimising downtime, the Hyster® H3.5FT features an Auto-Deceleration System to help reduce tyre and brake wear by up to 50%, and oil-immersed brakes, which are better protected from the dirty working environments typically found in the construction supply chain. The reliable Hyster® Fortens™ lift trucks can also include load sending hydraulics help to lower fuel consumption and increase efficiency.

“Built-in durability and extended service intervals deliver a low cost of ownership and help construction industry operations to keep their Hyster® Fortens™ lift trucks in operation,” says Botros. “But, if maintenance is needed, our network of local dealers has the capability to get trucks up and running again quickly.”

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