Global supply chain service company Czarnikow has today marked its commitment to climate action , as it has offset its carbon emissions for 2019 and achieved neutrality. As a company committed to sustainable development through its VIVE Programme, which enabled the first fully sustainable shipment of sugar to be completed earlier this year, Czarnikow has moved to match its business aims with its own practices. 

While Czarnokow are making a long term commitment to reduce carbon emissions through better waste management and sustainable transport choices, for some businesses there are emissions that are unavoidable, such as international travel, energy and the movement of goods. It is these emissions that are now being offset. For 2019, this totalled nearly 2,000 tonnes of C02e.

Working in close partnership with South Pole, Czarnikow have pledged to remain carbon neutral as an organisation by accounting for their unavoidable carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits. Carbon offsetting, the process through which carbon credits are created through projects that reduce CO2 emissions and purchased to ‘offset’ existing CO2 emissions, has been embraced in this instance.

Czarnikow will be supporting the Isangi Forest Conservation project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which preserves natural resources and habitats while providing employment, food security and education, and Gunung Salak Geothermal Energy in Indonesia, which will see increased efficiency built into the first of its kind power plant in Indonesia. Both projects were chosen due to their alignment with Czarnikow’s ESGs and corporate goals.

“Sustainability is a core pillar of our strategy, and to fully embrace this we want to strengthen this emphasis with positive action. By offsetting our unavoidable carbon footprint, we are a step closer to achieving our purpose: To exert a positive economic and sustainable influence in our food, beverage and energy supply chains. We’d like to thank South Pole for their guidance and expertise in helping us make this happen.” says Robin Cave, CEO, Czarnikow.

Bethan Halls, Senior Sustainability Consultant, South Pole said “Czarnikow is taking big steps to progress on its climate journey and from its position as an industry leader, it is setting the standard of responsible business. As it progresses with its programme of sustainable action it will drive action and ambition across its supply chain”.