Deep freeze logistics in the desert.

Deep freeze logistics in the desert.

Cold Storage Day in Dubai organized by Unitechnik

Deep freeze temperatures in the desert – this is not a contradiction in terms as Unitechnik proved within the framework of their second logistics day in Dubai. Following the successful launch of this series of events last year, the format has now advanced to the next round on the occasion of the 10-year existence of Unitechnik’s Arabian subsidiary. On May 18, around 50 industry representatives met to exchange experiences at INL, the operator of a deep freeze warehouse in Dubai Logistics City that uses automation solutions from Unitechnik.

The primary focus of the Logistics Day was how to design, implement and run a facility for temperature-controlled logistics processes successfully. The answers were provided in three presentations followed up with a discussion session with participants. Muthanna Muckatira, a freelance consultant and Business Director at Triway technologies, described temperature control and the importance of an uninterrupted cold chain using suitable warehouse management systems. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Al Ghandoor from Hashemite University, Jordan, explained the potential of energy savings in the low-temperature segment. Specific logistics examples were then given by Michael Huhn, head of overall sales at the event’s host, Unitechnik. The highlight of the event was the concluding tour of logistics service provider INL’s automated facility. The deep freeze warehouse has zones in the temperature ranges of -28 to +25° C, 43,000 pallet spaces, and is designed to handle up to 2,000 pallets of frozen products daily.

Unitechnik’s Logistics Day celebrated their 10-year anniversary in Dubai and also included an evening event. “With our competence in automation technology, we have built up a name for ourselves on the Arabian Peninsula over the past ten years. It thus seemed appropriate to not only host a celebration to commemorate the anniversary, but also to provide a platform for professional exchange,” says Hans Christian Ettengruber, head of Unitechnik FZE in Dubai. “Participants were especially interested in discussing the issue of possible energy savings and energy recovery in logistics centers. This in turn led to increased interest in Unitechnik Best Practice examples in this segment.”