Doosan launches ultra-low emission heavy-lifting forklifts

Doosan launches ultra-low emission heavy-lifting forklifts

Doosan, the leading manufacturer of robust high performance forklift trucks, has further extended its powerful new 9-Series – world-class Euro Stage V compliant IC engine counterbalance forklift trucks – with the launch of the advanced heavy-lifting D70S-9 range.

Built to perform in the most demanding industrial environments, and available in four models across a capacity range of 6.0 – 9.0 tonne, these tough diesel-powered trucks offer an unbeatable combination of outstanding fuel efficiency, performance, driver comfort and safety.

Greater fuel efficiency

Powering the D70S-9 is the new highly fuel-efficient DM03V(A) Stage V Doosan-built diesel engine, bringing huge benefits in terms of ultra-low emissions and dramatically lower operating costs – saving almost half a litre of fuel per hour when compared with other models in the market. The new engine also provides high torque at low RPM, facilitating improved forklift acceleration, drive and climb performance – making the trucks ideal for loading and unloading using ramps.

Importantly, Doosan’s latest engine design is fully compliant with Euro Stage V regulations and is fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). In normal operation, regeneration of the DPF takes place automatically during driving – maximising uptime and ensuring uninterrupted all-round performance.

A cost-saving standard feature of the new range is the multi torque function, allowing the operator to select the performance most suited to the task. ECO mode minimises fuel consumption, cutting down on unnecessary acceleration; High mode increases power output to match the demands of heavy-duty work; and Standard mode maintains output at levels suited to everyday tasks.

Increased in-cab visibility

A new sleek cab design offers 40% increased visibility, greater comfort and enhanced ergonomics – giving the driver the perfect conditions for safe, efficient operation.
The cab has been cleverly designed using curved front, top, and rear glass panels to reduce blind spots and provide greater all-round visibility. And with an all-new ‘full floating’ cabin design, with improved sound insulation, noise has been reduced to just 74db(A) and vibration to an absolute minimum.

In-cab air quality has been enhanced too. By introducing positive air pressure within the cabin and installing two internal filters the driver is protected against the harmful effects of dusty working environments, making the D70S-9 ideal for brick works and foundries. In addition, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system offers fully automatic temperature control and can be easily adjusted in manual mode.

Easy-glance display

When it comes to ergonomics the new cab layout of the D70S-9 firmly places the operator in the command driving position. An integrated 7” full LCD multi-functional display positioned close-to-eye level, along with clearly arranged switches incorporating status indicators and finger-tip controls for effortless actions, all help to boost productivity and enhance on-site safety

Along with offering easy to view data on the truck’s status, the multi-functional display panel includes an integrated maintenance management programme, diagnostic functions and PIN code security. When used in conjunction with optional front and rear cameras the panel can be used to display forward and reverse views, helping to improve safety on site. A weight indicator is another optional extra.

Powerful performance

Powerful, robust performance is assured. Doosan’s D70S-9 range has a new highly durable reinforced steering axle and is equipped with an electronically controlled 3-speed ZF transmission, providing the driver with a smooth gear change every time and precision control when handling heavy loads. In addition, the sensitivity of the inching pedal is adjustable, ensuring accuracy when handling heavy and fragile loads such as glass bottles.

Oil-cooled disc brakes

Included as standard is Doosan’s industry leading sealed, oil-cooled disc brake system, which is virtually maintenance free and lasts up to five times longer when compared to conventional shoe brakes. The sealed units protect against outside elements such as dirt, water and grit, ensuring top-rate braking performance for enhanced safety and increased productivity.

Safety first

Safety is foremost across Doosan’s entire new 9-Series, as reflected in many of the design features already outlined. In addition, some further prominent safety features are: An operator sensing system; rear object detection system (option); auto tilt leveling (option): and blue safety light projection. Full details at

Maintenance made easy

Doosan takes ease of maintenance into account too, with improved accessibility to the engine and service areas – the cab tilts back automatically, opening 20% more than on the previous model. The transmission oil filter and pressure check port are placed on top of the transmission for easy inspection and maintenance and electronic components are centralised for convenience.

Maintenance costs on the D70S-9 are dramatically reduced, with hours between servicing double those of the previous model when using upgraded lubricants – for transmission (1000 hrs to 2000 hrs) and engine (500 hrs to 1000 hrs).

The new Doosan D70S-9 range offers all the power and performance needed to get the job done. More on Doosan’s powerful new D70S-9 Series Euro Stage V compliant counterbalance forklift trucks can be found at