Doosan upgrades its popular electric BT/BX 7 Plus Series

Doosan upgrades its popular electric BT/BX 7 Plus Series

Doosan, the leading manufacturer of robust high-performance forklift trucks, has unveiled a major upgrade to its successful BT/BX 7 Plus Series electric counterbalance forklift trucks, bringing advanced performance-enhancing design and improved capabilities to the three and four wheeled, 1.5-to-3.5-tonne, mid-market product range. 
Designed to deliver simple, powerful performance in even the harshest of operating environments, Doosan’s BT/BX 7 Plus models have now been upgraded, resulting in enhanced braking, reduced noise levels, greater cooling performance, and extra driving comfort. Further advantages include: more efficient ergonomics, new safety features as standard – plus greater choice on options – and improved waterproofing for better all-weather performance and reliability.
Safety upgrade
Safety has been stepped-up a gear with Doosan’s all-round braking system, which includes the Doosan Electric magnetic auto Parking Brake (EPB) and Electric Foot Brake (EFB) systems, together with an unlimited ramp-hold capability. With the EPB system the parking brake automatically activates when the driver leaves the seat, ensuring safety around the vehicle, and with the new EFB system brakes are automatically applied as soon as the operator’s foot lifts off the accelerator pedal.
In the cab, clever design features, greater driver comfort and well thought-out ergonomics go hand-in-hand with safer working. The new improved mast design significantly reduces mast oscillation, which allows the operator to safely maneuver when the mast is fully elevated. In addition, Doosan’s optional Guardian Stability System (GSS) ensures safe handling by automatically reducing travel speed as a load is elevated. 
Further safety improvements include: a newly designed overhead guard with angled roof bars for a clearer upward view, a large panoramic mirror for better rear visibility and a new fence-light feature that offers a warning to pedestrians by projecting red lines around the vehicle. In addition, optional front and rear safety lights are available for extra visibility.
Extra options
An optional feature on the new models is fingertip controls. Fast, precise and fully adjustable fingertip control makes hard work effortless and efficient. Also, with the NFC Start option, security has been improved, allowing only authorised employees to operate the vehicle.
Greater comfort
Operator comfort has been significantly upgraded with the introduction of a new Doosan low-vibration, shock-absorbing seat, with full suspension adjustable up to 150 kg and far greater armrest control.
Noise levels have been markedly improved too. The combination of a low-noise drive axle and a new sound suppression design has resulted in a 37% reduction in sound intensity compared to the previous model, creating a far more comfortable working environment for both driver and those working close by.
Better protection 
In keeping with Doosan’s reputation for rugged design and reliable performance, the latest models have improved waterproofing, offering protection against water and dirt in the harshest of outdoor applications, whatever the weather. All connectors are water protected to IP67, controllers sealed and rated to IP65 and motors and pumps offer full dust and water protection to IP43 rating. Electric motor cooling performance has been improved too, with a new centralised cooling fan.
Boost productivity
Helping to maximise productivity and improve safety within busy operational environments, Doosan’s new, improved curve speed control system automatically reduces the vehicle’s travel speed to an optimum level when cornering, reducing the risk of accidents and damage – allowing operators to perform everyday handling tasks with greater confidence.
Further efficiency gains can be achieved in battery changing operations, with Side Lift In and Lift Out (SLIO) and Side Roll In and Roll Out (SRIO) design, allowing fast changeover of batteries for multi-shift operations. Helping to reduce valuable warehouse space, a tighter turning radius on the new BT/BX 7 Plus models offer businesses the potential to move to a more compact racking layout, with narrower aisle widths.
Doosan’s new advanced BT/BX 7 Plus Series offer simple, powerful performance.