England’s most congested road revealed

England’s most congested road revealed

England’s worst major road for delays is the A2270 in Eastbourne as revealed by new research from the Department for Transport.

The A2270 racks up 196.5 seconds in average delays for every mile driven.

Motorists might also want to avoid the A335 in Southampton and parts of the A57 from Liverpool to Lincoln, which clock up over 90 seconds per vehicle per mile (SPVPM).

The figures, based on the Strategic Road Network (SRN), are not all bad news as users of the M6 Toll, A3 from Portsmouth to London and the A4 from Bristol to London can expect delays of less than three SPVPM.

The SRN in England is about 4,300 miles long and is made up of motorways, trunk roads and the most significant ‘A’ roads. Two thirds of all heavy goods vehicle mileage in England is undertaken on the SRN according to Transport Focus.

Greg Wilson, Founder of, a leading insurance comparison website, comments: “With fuel prices going up fast, standing still will hit motorists and many businesses in the pocket. But the data shows that delays can vary between small hold-ups to ones that are bound to raise the ire of motorists, so finding the best route and time to travel can make a difference.”

Frequent users of A roads, managed by local and regional authorities, shows Londoners are most likely to be frustrated by delays of up to 342 SPVPM. The frustration does not end there for Londoners, with 94 of the worst 100 roads for delays in the capital.

Only 12 roads of the more than 2,000 more minor A roads monitored had less than 10 SPVPM waits.

Greg Wilson continues: “While the major roads generally offer a better flow of traffic, day-to-day use of more minor A roads can be much more of an issue. Even though remote working and new investment in bicycle routes will take some pressure off the roads, it is likely that many motorists will continue to endure delays.

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Worst delays for Strategic Road Networks across England

Position most delays RoadDelay – seconds per vehicle per mile Location
A5791.5Liverpool to Lincoln
A308 (M)83.8Central London
5A5969.8 Liverpool to York
6A512759.7 Birmingham to Lichfield
7A513856.4 Dunstable to Boreham Wood
8A66355.0 Manchester to Rochdale
9A6151.6 Derby to North Yorks
10A4151.4 London to Liverpool

Least delays by SPVPM

Position least delays RoadDelay – seconds per vehicle per mile Location
M6 Toll1.7Eastbourne
A42.6Liverpool to Lincoln
M232.7Central London
5M402.7 Liverpool to York
6M542.9Shropshire & Staffordshire 
7M503.0Worcestershire, Gloucestershire & Herefordshire 
9M653.2Preston to Colne 

Worst delays for A roads that are not part of the SRN

Position most delaysRoadDelay – seconds per vehicle per mile Location
A5268304.9Cheshire West & Chester
6A3216292.2Kensington and Chelsea 
7A2010279.9Brighton and Hove 
8A3217278.0Kensington and Chelsea 

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