Excellent News – no spillage from plastic bulk containers.

Excellent News – no spillage from plastic bulk containers.

Virginia Tech has now completed laboratory testing of wooden pallets, plastic pallets and plastic bulk containers with and without SumoGloves.

The Second Report (link to )

of independent tests undertaken in the USA by the highly respected Virginia Tech Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design, has concluded that the damage frequently caused to plastic bulk containers in the supply chain by a carelessly driven forklift truck’s forks can be all but eliminated if trucks are fitted with Sumo Glove fork impact reduction technology.

The Sumo Glove is a protective cover that fits to the tips of a lift truck’s forks. Its unique cushioning effect reduces both container and load damage and costs without affecting the operational effectiveness of the forklift truck.

Under laboratory conditions, Virginia Tech used a pendulum impact test to evaluate the damage caused to plastic bulk containers by a lift truck’s forks – with and without Sumo Gloves.

The containers suffered structural damage when impacted with less that 2,000 lb-ft kinetic energy by unprotected forks. However, once Sumo Glove technology was added, the containers experienced no damage after a four-fold increase in kinetic energy (nearly 8,000 lb-ft) and given a staggering 73 ‘hits’ – at which point the test was stopped.

By virtually eliminating the risk of serious structural damage to plastic bulk storage containers, Sumo Glove technology significantly reduces packaging costs and cuts product waste as well as spillage and cleanup costs in the supply chain.

Sumo Glove’s proven ability to stop bulk containers becoming pierced during the handling process is particularly important to hazardous chemical supply chains, as

Simon Ross, Co-founder of SumoSafe Global – the company behind Sumo Glove – explains: ”Forklift-related product damage is a concern at many sites – after all, when a lift truck’s fork pierces a plastic container the goods inside are often ruined and, if a liquid is being stored, the downtime generated by the need to clear up the spillage only adds to the expense.

“However, at chemical storage facilities the potential consequences are all together more serious and could have significant health, safety, cost and environmental implications.”

He continues: “A 1.6 tonne counterbalanced forklift truck travelling at just 3 miles per hour will generate enough force to cause significant damage to a chemical drum or other form of IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) tote or tank. But, as the Virginia Tech tests illustrate, Sumo Gloves slash the likelihood of impact damage caused by a lift truck’s forks.”

Virginia Tech is the only laboratory in the USA with facilities to evaluate all aspects of unit load and material handling design and efficiency and it is renowned around the world for its pioneering research in to the design of efficient packaging, pallet and unit load solutions.

Sumo Gloves are made from industrial grade polyurethane and are quickly and simply fitted. The gloves suit most normal forklift tines and can be applied to stainless tines. The gloves comply with explosion proof standards.

And, for those that do not want to fit the Sumo Gloves themselves, the same level of protection is available from the SumoSafe Global SafeFork – a range of lift truck forks supplied with the protective Sumo Gloves already fitted.

Offered in various sizes, SafeForks are compatible with all major forklift truck brands and model types and are supplied ‘ready-to-use’.

The laboratory testing of wooden pallets, plastic pallets and plastic bulk containers is now completed, and several companies are now using SumoGloves with their paint and chemical drums.

Virginia Tech has offered to evaluate how your special containers protect your special products with and without SumoGloves?

Anyone with spillage or product damage or container damage concerns, caused by forklifts, should contact SUMOSAFE Global Pty. See the video: