Ferretto Group keeps focusing on automation: the new Vertimag Automatic Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

Ferretto Group keeps focusing on automation: the new Vertimag Automatic Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

More ergonomic. More functional. More innovative. The Italian Ferretto Group takes a further step forward in warehouse automation by launching the new generation of Vertimag; already chosen as a vertical storage system by leading companies globally, now comes in an updated version to respond even more effectively to the needs of the most varied markets and sectors. 

The ongoing work of the Research and Development center has made it possible to further highlight the benefits of Vertimag, leading to concrete advantages in terms of efficiency and productivity: space optimization creates a 90% reduction in the footprint compared to a traditional warehouse, ergonomics and flexibility are complemented by the versatility offered thanks to the widest range of tray combinations in the market. Innovation is not limited to the efficiency of goods storage, it also benefits the operators: the user-friendly interface, the ergonomic bay, the simplicity of management, the safety elements all permit a better user experience. 

Vertimag combines more than 60 years of experience, continuous investment in research and development, and the quality of a solution designed and built entirely in-house. The new VLM brings all this together and allows Ferretto Group to offer companies a truly cost effective, innovative and functional solution to provide concrete advantages in terms of productivity and process optimization. 

Available in versions from 3 to 12 meters in height, the VLM has a maximum capacity of 70,000 kg and can store materials of any format, weight and size up to a height of 695 mm. The new Vertimag stands out primarily for its flexible solutions: 15 models, 6 types of picking bay (Ergo-Tech, single internal, double internal, single external, double external, removable) and 120 combinations of tray sizes allow this outstanding product to meet the demands of the most diverse production sectors. 

Special attention has been paid to safety: barriers for operators, full compliance with anti-seismic standards, and a quieter operating system. 

The push for innovation has also made it possible to strengthen the equipment supplied with the system, resulting in a more efficient management software designed in-house with a new generation graphic interface and an easy integration with external management software. 

New Vertimag has been designed and tested for robustness; furthermore, the management software includes preventive maintenance algorithms which, in combination with the design, improves the system uptime. 

The software has a user friendly and customizable dashboard through which it is possible to quickly check the status of all the machines, dynamically manage the compartments of the trays, and monitor in real time the stock levels and the position of items in the trays. To optimize the operator’s working conditions, a wide range of accessories is also available sliding console, a trolley for tray removal, laser pointer, alphanumeric LED bar, barcode reader, piece counting scale and label printer. 

Working position at optimal height even with a double picking bay, sliding console, user interface, and picking bays optimized to be used with any external lighting condition or noise reduction are only a few examples of how Ferretto Group solutions are tailored for users. 

Vertimag is therefore the best answer to the need for integration and efficiency in warehouse logistics.  

Ferretto Group  

Founded in Vicenza – Italy – in 1956, Ferretto Group SpA is one of the leading manufacturers of storage and material handling solutions. The company designs and produces a complete range of integrated and high-tech solutions for the needs of each sector and application. It offers metal shelving, industrial mezzanines, automatic storage and vertical storage solutions.  

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