GateHouse Logistics Proposes Bill of Rights for Hauliers.

GateHouse Logistics Proposes Bill of Rights for Hauliers.

Aims to help conquer data provider concerns about sharing telematics data in the supply chain

Within its remit to unify telematics data distribution in the logistics industry, GateHouse Logistics today proposes a Bill of Rights for hauliers to help them overcome any concerns about sharing telematics data with shippers. The firm sees data sharing as instrumental to the success of the coming Industry 4.0 revolution and clear rules for all involved in the supply chain must be established.

The Bill of Rights aims to encourage hauliers (defined as data providers in the Bill of Rights) to share telematics data with third parties and end-customers (defined as data subscribers) as standard operational practice and protect their commercial interests in the process.

Article 1
The data provider is the sole owner of his/her telematics data concerning loads being shipped by road, boat or plane. The data provider retains data sovereignty over his /her data at all times.

Article 2
Only the data provider has the right to decide whether to share his/her telematics data with a data subscriber and their nominated intermediaries.

Article 3
The data provider can withdraw approval to share telematics data on a tour at any time.

Article 4
Data providers have the right to demand that telematics data is distributed to data subscribers along the supply chain only via a secure data service

Article 5
Data providers have the right to demand that only the relevant subset of data related directly to a specific tour is shared with third parties.

Article 6
Data providers have the right to demand own or independent control of the data sharing process and that sharing is tour specific and strictly related to vehicle, time, and geography.

Article 7
Data providers have the right for full insight into what telematics data they are sharing with whom and when.

”The logistics industry is moving into the always-connected era and sharing tracking data of vehicles in the supply chain is now essential to all involved,” says Jesper Bennike, CEO GateHouse Logistics. ”As an independent data aggregator, GateHouse Logistics believes this Bill of Rights if adopted by the supply chain will help overcome the commercial concerns of hauliers in sharing data about tours.”

GateHouse Logistics will be discussing the proposed Bill of Rights with its peers and hauliers visiting its booth at a number of industry-facing events this year including the Transport Logistic exhibition in Munich, Germany (May 9 – 12).