Glass Partner Picavi uses Glass Enterprise Edition for pick-by-vision in warehouses.

Glass Partner Picavi uses Glass Enterprise Edition for pick-by-vision in warehouses.

Glass Enterprise Edition has proven its value in industrial use. It is also used in combination with the pick-by-vision solution from Picavi. Over 30 customers from around the world are using the Picavi system to accelerate their processes, and boost efficiency and reliability in intralogistics.

Aachen/Herzogenrath. –The intralogistics specialist Picavi has been one of the global Glass Partners since the very beginning. It has successfully implemented and commissioned its pick-by-vision solution for over 30 international customers. With its easy-to-learn technology, Picavi has helped businesses such as third-party logistics firms and pharmaceutical companies boost efficiency and save valuable time in order picking.

“Picavi were able to quickly and successfully connect the software and develop user-specific layouts and processes geared to our needs. As a result, we have achieved time savings of up to 30 percent while increasing safety levels,” explains Andreas Paul, logistics manager at pharmaceuticals company Klosterfrau Berlin GmbH. Picavi’s wide-ranging expertise also extends to the development of accessories for wearables. The Picavi Power Control, a combined battery and control unit, helps make the smart glasses suitable for industrial use by providing enough power for at least an entire shift. It also features five large buttons for easy process control.

Safety and usability go hand in hand
Glass Enterprise Edition’s most impressive feature is its easy handling, even for warehouse employees with impaired sight or when heightened safety regulations apply. Thanks to the quick-change mechanism for glasses and safety goggles with or without corrective lenses in line with EN 166, the head-mounted displays can be easily adjusted to their user. This increases employee safety when working in potentially hazardous areas. Picavi also ensures a quick implementation in any existing system architecture, along with user-friendly operation through its intuitive user interface.

Picavi’s flexible solution allows pickers to do their job with both hands. They are also visually guided through the process and can always see the relevant information. This both increases picking speed and reduces error rates. Furthermore, Glass Enterprise Edition is light and stable, ensuring it always remains securely in position. “Glass Enterprise Edition has long since proven its suitability for the logistics sector. It has gone a long way toward establishing pick-by-vision as one of the leading order picking technologies.” said Dirk Franke, CEO of Picavi, of the experience of the last two years. “Picavi’s products and services make the smart glasses a reliable solution.”

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