Hermes, the consumer delivery specialist, usually known for delivering alongside retailers such as Next, John Lewis and ASOS, has reached out to the big-five UK supermarket chains to offer support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hermes has pledged its services to supermarkets through a dedicated online portal, so food can reach the supermarket shelves and shopping baskets of those requiring essentials, at a time of need.

The delivery firm is already working with ASDA and Morrisons to collect trailers full of essentials including bread and toilet roll, from national distribution hubs and deliver them across the country to local supermarkets.

Hermes has made over 90 journeys to date using its own green, renewable bio-methane fuelled trucks and hired diesel trucks with at least 9 routes for Morrisons and up to 20 shifts for ASDA being covered by Hermes drivers each day.

Jon Ormond, Director of Hubs and Depots at Hermes, said: “We value the hard work of other businesses in the UK, including our supermarkets, which are keeping the nation and our own parcel people fed during the fast-evolving situation. We are proud to support our industry colleagues wherever we can, offering our own resources; time, fuel and drivers.

“Hermes is doing everything it can during the current national emergency to offer its services and help the nation’s key infrastructure meet demand whilst keeping drivers driving, fitting all additional work around an already busy network.”