Hikrobot and Invar Systems bring the ‘robot revolution’ to Intralogistex

Hikrobot and Invar Systems bring the ‘robot revolution’ to Intralogistex

Hikrobot, the global manufacturer of intelligent mobile robots, and Invar Systems, the Cranfield based systems integrator, will be jointly showcasing world leading robotic order-picking and intralogistics solutions at the UK’s Intralogistex 2020 show – Ricoh Arena, Coventry, 1 -2 October 2020 (Stand: 330).
Hikrobot is part of one of China’s largest technology companies with over 1,000 employees worldwide – of which about 800 are R&D engineers. The company recently launched its range of intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to the UK and Europe through Invar Systems and is presently engaged in a joint initiative with Invar Systems to roll out an intelligent AMR solution for Superdry across the global fashion brand’s international DC network.
Invar Systems is an established warehouse software vendor offering Warehouse Control Software (WCS) for mobile robotic and pick-to-light solutions, systems and project integration and advanced intralogistics solutions, including full Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Furthermore, Invar Systems installs and supports Hikrobot systems in the UK – managing the whole project locally.

Frazer Watson, Head of Sales Europe for Hikrobot at Invar Systems, says: “The big revolution that is taking place within the warehouse is the use of mobile robots. AI and robotics is transforming order picking. High Cap-Ex automation, where conveyors and shuttles are bolted to the floor, is no longer seen as flexible enough for the fast-changing world of ecommerce. AMR systems, such as those from Hikrobots and supplied in the UK by Invar Systems, are agile, flexible and scaleable.” 

He explains: “A fleet of autonomous robots can fetch mobile shelf units of products and present them to a picking station in a pre-determined stream, according to order management. At the same time, pickers can replenish shelves, and the robot carries away the shelf unit to a high-density storage area, ready for the next activity. This is the future of order picking.”

Frazer Watson adds: “Mobile robotic systems combined with pick-to-light technology can boost order picking performance from under 100 units per hour using traditional methods, to up to 600 picks per hour.”Step into the future – the very latest technology and leading solutions in advanced AMRs can be seen on the Hikrobot / Invar Systems stand 330.