How a Serious Accident Led to Business Success for Two Liverpool Brothers

How a Serious Accident Led to Business Success for Two Liverpool Brothers

Two brothers who launched an ecommerce order fulfilment business during the Covid pandemic have gone from an empty warehouse in their hometown of Liverpool to a full capacity Fulfilment Centre and plans to open a second site soon.

Brothers Bernie and Wayne Dullaghan quit their jobs and made the decision to invest every penny they had into fulfilling a long-time dream of running a business together and launched ecommerce fulfilment company MCF.

A serious motorbike accident 3 years ago left Bernie fighting for life in hospital and the money he received meant he had the capital to invest. Despite facing years of recovery, Bernie always maintained a positive outlook and saw it as an opportunity to change the direction of his career.

“Before my accident, I was the General Manager of Bingo Halls for 15 years. Wayne brought the logistics expertise having worked in the industry for over a decade with some of the fast-growing brands in e-commerce and retail. He had witnessed the huge growth in ecommerce during the pandemic and convinced me that this was the perfect time to chase our dream” Bernie explained “Ironically, the hospital where I was fighting for life is just a stone’s throw away from our first warehouse.”

The duo officially opened their doors in November and even though they have had to conduct all of their business online with no site visits allowed have managed to fill their Fulfilment Centre in just 6 months.

“It’s been an incredible first 6 months,” said Wayne “I knew the demand was there, but we are already way ahead of our forecast. Most of our business has come via word of mouth, we didn’t even have a website when we first launched the business. I think what is really impressing our customers is our proactive approach to ecommerce order fulfilment, we work extremely hard to become a valuable extension of their business and identify opportunities for them to improve their customer experience”