Indigo Software and AC² Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership for Industry 4.0 Warehousing Solutions in Asia

Indigo Software and AC² Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership for Industry 4.0 Warehousing Solutions in Asia

International warehouse management systems (WMS) specialist Indigo Software, has signed a strategic partnership with AC² Technologies, the leading robotics system integrator and supply chain solutions provider in Asia.  The strategic partnership will allow companies in the Asia Pacific region to benefit from a one-stop warehouse management automation and robotics Industry 4.0 solution. 

Established for over 40 years, Indigo is a leading global warehousing and logistics supplier providing WMS software solutions.  With a complete set of SaaS warehouse management offerings, Indigo helps customers to deliver more, improve inventory availability and visibility, perform better execution, and build accountability.  AC² Technologies has over 25 years of systems integration experience helping companies deploy cutting edge software and technologies to improve their competitiveness. 

“We are very excited to partner with AC² Technologies in the Asia-Pacific region.  Their deep understanding of how to integrate the latest industrial internet of things software and robotic technologies and turn them into viable supply chain and logistics business solutions will be a great asset.  We will be able to expand our market reach further with new warehousing automation solution capabilities in the region as a result of this partnership,” said Darren Baxter, CEO of Indigo Software. 

“We have been working on warehouse robotics solutions for years, and we are glad that Indigo Software is impressed with us and our solutions.  With the partnership, we will integrate both solutions so customers can enjoy a highly flexible and feature rich SaaS robotics warehouse management solution.  The prebuilt integration will significantly shorten the time needed to deploy a warehouse management system with robotics capabilities.  The solution will be seamlessly integrated, very easy to setup and deploy.  It is cloud based, so there will be no costly upfront investment in backend infrastructure.  Not only will customers be saving a lot of time and cost, it will provide many other tangible benefits to their businesses such as improved customer service levels through faster picking and the ability to ship more with less manpower.  With this partnership, we look forward to helping our customers to manage and execute their supply chain more efficiently so that they will be able expand their business with greater confidence,” said Aw Yang Uei, Managing Partner of AC² Technologies.