Indigo Software and AK Consulting sign partnership for Warehouse Management Solutions in Australia

Indigo Software and AK Consulting sign partnership for Warehouse Management Solutions in Australia

International warehouse management systems (WMS) specialist Indigo Software has formed a new business partnership with AK Consulting, leaders in the translational approach to IT. This new partnership will enable Indigo Software to grow its market share in Australia, as ever- increasing numbers of companies seek best of breed WMS software solutions.

Digital transformation, cloud computing and security have become critical to the future operations of many companies. AK Consulting has become a leader in the translational approach to IT consulting. Unlike project-based, tech-centric consulting, they provide a 3-prong human-centric, results-oriented approach of translational client engagement, transdisciplinary expertise and transformative processes.

With an emphasis on ensuring that every organisation they work with gets the most out of existing or new technologies and key business processes, AK Consulting’s combined expertise extends to manufacturing, warehouse and logistics management, supply chain, sales, e-commerce, distribution, after-sales service, finance, governance and compliance.

“Indigo Software shares our values as an IT consulting provider to focus on taking a human-centric approach emphasising results and benefits to people, rather than just project and tick-box processes so is a natural partner to be working with,” says Vineet Kapur, Managing Director at AK Consulting.

“AK Consulting has pan industry experience and takes a multi-disciplinary approach when implementing IT solutions, following an agile model that delivers real transformational change against set KPIs, we are delighted to be working with them across Australia where Indigo Software already has some very long-standing WMS customers,” says Mark Leavy, CSO at Indigo Software.

Further information about AK Consulting is available from their website at: