Indigo Software Launches QuickStart Rapid ROI Warehouse Management System

Indigo Software Launches QuickStart Rapid ROI Warehouse Management System

QuickStart addresses the 5 key challenges in today’s warehouses

International Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) specialist Indigo Software today announced the launch of QuickStart, a new rapid ROI WMS Program, designed to allow businesses to very quickly transform their warehouse operations.

A WMS solution for the 5 top challenges in today’s warehouses

Indigo Software has designed the QuickStart Program to very quickly address the five most pressing challenges that businesses worldwide are currently facing in their warehouses and DCs.  These are:

  • Identifying a fast, cost-efficient and risk free way to capitalise on the global e-commerce boom;
  • Satisfying unpredictable and unprecedented consumer demand whilst keeping warehouse staff safe as businesses learn to mitigate the risks of Covid-19;
  • Increased need for real-time reporting and processing of inventory origin paperwork due to Brexit;
  • Dealing with warehouse staff shortages, retraining new staff and losing valuable logistics operational knowledge due to employee turnover;
  • Increased demand for e-commerce fulfilment services due to new trends such as dropshipping and q-commerce.

Indigo Software’s QuickStart Program delivers Indigo’s proven and multi-award winning WMS in an innovative, easy to implement and rapid return starter package.  It has been designed to transform and optimise all warehouse operations in record time by offering rapid WMS deployment with much faster Return on Investment (ROI).  QuickStart provides a scalable, cloud based solution with a simple to manage and low cost 12 month subscription model for up to 10 simultaneous users.

The QuickStart Program is being delivered by Indigo Software’s team of leading industry supply chain experts and includes a free site assessment with resource / operational optimisation consultation and technology review.

Mike Hill, Chief Sales Officer at Indigo Software says, “The QuickStart Program will allow companies to very quickly address the real challenges they are currently facing in their warehouse operations.  Offering all the advantages of a WMS, it will also enable them to seamlessly grow into a full blown WMS without substantial upfront costs as their business expands.”

Further information about Indigo’s QuickStart Program is available from Indigo Software’s website at: