Introducing the revolutionary Payload Porter – 2nd level loading solution maximising cube and protecting payloads.

Introducing the revolutionary Payload Porter – 2nd level loading solution maximising cube and protecting payloads.

2nd Level Solutions announces the launch of Payload Porter (patent pending) – a new highly innovative and efficient logistics solution built for the global transportation industry.

Payload Porter maximises the cube available in trucks, sea containers or air ULD by creating a second cargo floor, while also protecting the palletised goods below. Operating with 100% shipment capacity means that Payload Porter also saves fuel and reduces carbon emissions.

“We’ve worked for years in the global packaging industry and seen trucks, sea containers and air freight leaving base and being transported around the world half-empty,” said Mark Hammond, Commercial Director of 2nd Level. “So, we set out to help the industry and built an efficient solution that would maximise cube, protect the cargo and the environment – and Payload Porter is the result.”

Payload Porter is an industry-first and is available in two solutions; a reusable plastic system and a one-time-use recyclable cardboard system. The reusable plastic Payload Porter is available on a rental basis, and the single-use cardboard version is priced to purchase per unit depending on volume.

“Payload Porter can be simply and quickly installed around the palletised load then fork-lifted onto the first level of the truck, sea container or air ULD. This creates a flat second level for other goods of any description to be transported and protected – a maximum of 500kg can be supported on each unit. The system allows for varying pallet heights or even loose cargo to be placed on the first level thus creating a completely flat floor for the second level,” explained Mark.

2nd Level Solutions was nominated for a prestigious 2017 Edison Award, recognising Payload Porter’s excellence in innovation and new product design.

“I’m thrilled with how well our new Payload Porter products are performing and delivering for our customers,” commented Mark. “One of our pharmaceutical clients was experiencing damage to their upper deck air cargo shipments because other goods were being placed on top of their pallets. To avoid this, they paid for the space above their pallets to protect their delicate contents. Now, they use Payload Porter – it saves them money, because they no longer buy the space above, and their goods are always protected from damage.

“We’re pleased to be solving problems and helping to make transportation around the world more efficient and economical.”

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