Jungheinrich has been awarded the IFOY certificate “Best of Intralogistics” four times.

Jungheinrich has been awarded the IFOY certificate “Best of Intralogistics” four times.

Company with the most IFOY finalists in the competition
Award in the categories “Warehouse Truck”, “Integrated Warehouse Solutions” and “Special of the Year”
IFOY certificates are evidence of Jungheinrich’s innovation leadership
Jungheinrich was awarded the “Best of Intralogistics” certificate four times last night in Hanover. The prize was awarded for logistics products and solutions in the categories “Warehouse Truck”, “Integrated Warehouse Solutions” and “Special of the Year”. The horizontal order picker ECE 225 with easyPILOT Follow, the high-performance tow tractor EZS 7280, the battery charging system SLH 300 and the expansion of the Keller & Kalmbach central warehouse are now finalists for the 2018 International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Awards. This year, Jungheinrich is the only manufacturer to enter the race for the coveted IFOY Award – which recognises the world’s best logistics solutions every year – with four products and solutions.

Dr Lars Brzoska, Board member for Marketing and Sales of Jungheinrich AG, explains: “Four nominations in three categories are again proof of Jungheinrich’s innovative strength in intralogistics. We are mechanical engineer, logistics system provider and software developer in one. With our highly innovative and efficient logistics solutions, we maximise the benefits for our customers.”

About easyPILOT Follow

easyPILOT Follow was awarded the IFOY certificate “Best of Intralogistics” in the “Warehouse Truck” category. This is a semi-automated control that is used to enable the Jungheinrich ECE 225 horizontal order picker to automatically follow its operator. The operator, in turn, carries a control unit in their trouser pocket or belt and can concentrate fully on the picking process. The connected ECE positions itself exactly so that the goods can be placed directly in the right place on the fork. The truck is always at the picking location. It follows the operator during forward movement and stops in the exact position. This eliminates the time-consuming frequent ascents and descents and the longer journeys from the picking place to the order picker and back. easyPILOT Follow enables error-free picking processes and maximum efficiency in the warehouse.

About the high-performance tow tractor EZS 7280

The EZS 7280 is the second Jungheinrich product nominated in the “Warehouse Truck” category. At 28 tonnes the tow tractor, which was developed for heavy-duty use at airports, in industry or in logistics, sets a new benchmark for electric tow tractors. Thanks to its high torque, the tow tractor is designed for ramp work with heavy loads. Automatic parking brakes with roll-back protection and a hill-climbing assistant enable trouble-free stopping and restarting on the ramp. Special efficiency is guaranteed by the use of a new 500 Ah lithium-ion battery. The EZS 7280 manages 25 km/h and performs particularly well on ramps. This makes it a real electric alternative to conventional tow tractors with internal combustion engines. With its compact dimensions and tight turning circle, Jungheinrich has designed the EZS 7280 for manoeuvrable use even in the narrowest of places. Safety is guaranteed by the use of assistance systems.

About the expansion of the Keller & Kalmbach central warehouse

In the “Integrated Warehouse Solutions” category, Jungheinrich was nominated for the expansion of the Keller & Kalmbach central warehouse in Hilpoltstein south of Nuremberg. As a general contractor Jungheinrich realised the expansion of the high-bay warehouse from five to ten lanes during operations and without a single day’s interruption. At the same time, the originally two-aisle automatic small parts warehouse was expanded by six lanes. Added to this was the construction of a new tray warehouse for 15,000 customised trays. The Jungheinrich solution includes comprehensive computer and database processes, interfaces to the ERP system and the management of logistics processes by the Jungheinrich WMS.

About the battery charging system SLH 300

Jungheinrich has received its fourth nomination for the cross-technology battery charging system SLH 300 in the category “Special of the Year”. It impresses with its wide variety of voltage, the numerous selection options and a high degree of efficiency. Through a sophisticated variety of options, the device achieves an optimum price-performance ratio for every application: The SLH 300 is available from 15-320A in 24V, 48V and 80V. The charger offers maximum flexibility for the user. It is available with numerous selected options, such as a full graphical display or Aquamatik control. Unique in the competition is the intelligent water refill system via a level sensor: if the water level is too low, the Aquamatik signal is released by the charger. In this case, water is automatically filled. As a result, battery life is increased – thus reducing costs for the user.