Jungheinrich WMS named “Best Factory Software 2018”.

Jungheinrich WMS named “Best Factory Software 2018”.

Jury points to particularly  high customer benefit

·         Great usablility

·         Effortless data exchange with all conventional host and ERP systems

The Jungheinrich Warehouse Management System (WMS) has been chosen as the “Best Factory Software of 2018” by the Industry 4.0 Research and Application Centre at the University of Potsdam. From a total of 30 systems nominated, a jury made up of scientists and logistics industry representa­tives selected Jungheinrich’s warehouse management software as the winner in the “Logistics” category. The Jungheinrich WMS system won over the jurors above all due to its particularly high customer benefits and easy integration into existing software structures. According to Markus Skof, Vice President for Warehouse Management Solutions at Jungheinrich: “Digitalisation and connectivity are the levers to make logistics processes more efficient. Jungheinrich is both a logistics system provider and a software supplier in one. The Jungheinrich WMS supports our customers in the transition towards a digitalised warehouse 4.0, enabling any company –whether it is a global player or a small or medium-sized enterprise – to connect its processes profitably and manage them perfectly, thus ensuring their profitability and future viability. We offer individual solutions that are always tailored to the specific needs of the warehouse in question – whether manual, semi-automated or fully automated. The Jungheinrich WMS is a mature platform that is being continuously  enhanced. It is always forward compatible and grows in line with the client’s market requirements. Thanks to its modularity, it can be perfectly customised and as a result adapts flexibly to future changes. For us, the efficient and error-free functioning of the software is of prime importance. Quick learnability and easy operation are essential. That is why our approach with the Jungheinrich WMS is that, while a networked system may be complex, it must not be complicated.”