Large Lithium Ion Batteries for Material Handling Equipment.

Large Lithium Ion Batteries for Material Handling Equipment.

U-Charge® lithium iron magnesium phosphate (LiFeMgP04) modules have considerably greater energy density, making them the best choice for heavy equipment batteries, fork lifts, AGVs, mobile robots, cobots, and warehouse equipment. Valence lithium ion batteries are more efficient, and have a significantly longer cycle life than comparable lead acid batteries.
Valence’s lithium ion phosphate presents an inherent safety performance, better toxicity profile, and is more energy efficient with significantly longer cycle life than lead acid.

High Energy Density – Requires only ½ the space
High Specific Energy – Lighter weight allows for more payload
10X Cycle Life – The only battery the vehicle will ever need
High Efficiency – Up to 20% savings in electricity costs to charge

Other Key Features:
• Valence U-Charge® achieves 10,000 cycles during typical AGV duty cycles
• Can be configured anywhere from 12V-1000V for heavy equipment batteries
• Communication of monitored data via Battery Management System (BMS)
• Automatic cell and module balancing
• Compatible with most lead acid chargers
• Maintenance free
• Manufactured in standard BCI sizes
• Modules in 12V, 24V, and 36V variants
• Can be placed in series and parallel to achieve desired pack voltage (48V, 72V/80V) and capacity; perfectly suited to heavy equipment and AGV batteries
Premier Service & Support
Valence strives not only to be a supplier, but also a trusted partner to businesses. Valence has over 20+ years of experience in the lithium-ion industry and has deployed more than 500,000 battery modules in the field. Our application engineering teams in North American and Europe are available for implementation support.
Corporations from the electric & hybrid vehicle, marine, material handling, and energy storage industries have trusted Valence batteries to safely power their vehicle and products.