Linde Material Handling expands its portfolio of lithium-ion-drive products

Linde Material Handling expands its portfolio of lithium-ion-drive products

Linde Material Handling, manufacturer and solution provider, has once again significantly expanded its portfolio of lithium-ion-drive products. Here’s the deal: Wherever you see Linde on a label, you’ll find Linde inside, too! Unlike other manufacturers, Linde affixes a CE marking to all its trucks, including to batteries. This covers servicing and warranty.

There’s a small, but subtle difference though: For its lithium-ion equipment, Linde Material Handling doesn’t merely replace the battery; rather, the company has developed a complete solution for each model along with renowned partners. Christophe Lautray, Sales Managing Director: “The battery and the truck are perfectly matched, and need to pass extensive tests and examinations before being launched on the market. This generates trust and distinguishes our solution from those of other suppliers.”

Linde equipment maintains a high output while providing maximum safety: If ever any problems occur with the battery, the truck will switch off automatically, which minimises the risk of accidents. Nor is there any risk of batteries inside Linde lithium-ion equipment overcharging because of recirculating energy. Tobias Zierhut, Head of Product Management at Linde Warehouse Trucks: “Our trucks are an all-round worry-free package for our customers.”

Specifically, this means: Linde Material Handling assumes the warranty and liability, not only for the truck, but also for the battery and battery management. “Our service network with 8,500 service technician and contractors in all regions is one of a kind in the industry”, says Andreas Schneider, Head of Central Service: “As soon as you have a question about a battery, all you need to do is phone and our specially trained engineer will come to your site.”

In 2017, Linde is offering lithium-ion product lines in all its forklift truck series up to a five-tonne load bearing capacity, and is currently expanding its portfolio with high-lift, low-lift, and double-deck loader models.

In contrast to conventional lead acid batteries, the lithium-ion technology offers numerous advantages: The new lithium-ion-type batteries have a significantly longer service life and maintain a higher output; they can be recharged far more frequently than a conventional lead acid battery, and they even allow for intermediate charging. All Linde trucks have displays with a battery life icon.

This environmentally friendly technology also puts an end to arguments about the supposedly high prices: For customers, the considerable operating savings make the purchase quickly pay back for itself. Dr Stefan Wenzel, Head of Linde’s Electrical and Electronic Development Department: “Our model calculations of typical customer use show, above all, that the lithium-ion drive technology is generally the most cost-effective solution to multi-shift operation for our customers.”