Logimat review by Alan Cossons

Logimat review by Alan Cossons

The recent LogiMAT Fair in Stuttgart proved to be the quality showcase for the sector in Europe with over 1400 exhibitors and wall-to-wall visitors. It was also notable for numerous specialist niche companies as well as the big brand names and we are delighted to flag up a selection for readers’ wide appeal.
In alphabetical order the first to learn about is bAKA whose distinctive range of both standard and tailored ground conveyors makes business life easier and safer by optimising the internal flow of materials efficiently and rapidly whatever the truly varied scope of baring loads. The choice embraces lift trucks: pallet trucks in hand, scissor and electric variations: pallet lifters and lifting tables: container tilters: electric tractors . . . and stackers in pedestrian and electric models offering light lift, claw, counter balance, pedestrian and 4-way reach models.
Celebrating its centenary, back in 1917 Eugene Clark created the first forklift – a three-wheel platform truck with two tonne capacity called a Tructractor – in Michigan, USA to move his core business of train drills and car axles around the site cheaply and quickly and this family innovative ethos has served the world well ever since. The proud Clark global vision is “Built to Last” and this caring company is well prepared for the future with its engineering diversity and giving back to the community and society. With the noted shift from IC to electric technology, the integrated success is based on core aspects of dealer support, one-stop solutions, R & D, customer choice across all components and global exchange of knowledge and ideas – think generations not quarterly.
The famous Irish brand Combilift focused on thoughtful warehouse solutions in terms of both saving space and combining versatility within the same product such as the Combi CS counter balanced unit with a multi position tiller, the articulated Aislemaster and the towering Straddle Carrier for large, very heavy loads. Easy pedestrian models like the (Walkie Reach) WR 2 and the FLTA award winning WR4 often save the need for mainstream trucks. All in all, anything from 1 to 100 tonnes is movable – plus providing dedicated customised solutions from virtually limitless options of design and attachments for the perfect solution.
As for Curtis Instruments, however clever, small or large your product on the outside then it’s likely to have Curtis within – whether battery monitoring, hydraulics and speed controls, dashboard displays and VCL software. All proven to be the best of their kind for customers’ peace of mind and successful payback based on capability and better economy in tandem with continual attention based on technical input, logistics and delivery. A Curtis purchase is a long term investment aided by global subsidiaries across all sectors.
The humble loading bay as it were is often overlooked in the grand scheme of things – no matter how smart or exotic the nature of the business and handling systems being used. Enter Rite Hite who focus on safety and energy efficiency across all aspects of the bay – in front – behind – and inside. Any damage or affect of dust, wind or rain can have a major effect on the flow and finances of the company. Hence the unique and guaranteed Rite Hite portfolio of dedicated doors, levellers, shelters and vehicle restraints to ensure the dock is always functioning and to impress customers.

The famous name of Yale attracted attention with its multi-faceted appeal. This embraced the theme of SME for SME being a committed partner to the small and medium sized sector with European made extensive products, and services geared to this group. In turn, the company showed a heritage Yale forklift truck from the mid-twentieth century confirming the robust and reliable construction, through to new MS pedestrian stackers and the MPT series rider pallet trucks and a presentation emphasising the enhanced efficiency, productivity and environment benefits of Li-Ion batteries as fitted to Yale’s first electric truck on display.