Logistics companies 30% more likely to outsource facilities, says FM firm.

Logistics companies 30% more likely to outsource facilities, says FM firm.

Research from Almeda has revealed logistics and warehousing companies are 30% more likely to outsource their facilities management, compared to five years ago.

Today, facilities management can be operated as effectively externally than it can in-house, with cost and time savings amongst the benefits that are driving more businesses to outsource.

Brady George, Managing Director of Almeda, says there are also additional savings to be made by outsourcing FM that businesses could initially be unaware of.

He says: “Customers assess the cost of performing work in-house to be the sum of the annual salaries of their employees but this ignores additional direct costs such as employer contributions to pensions and National Insurance. Outsourcing not only saves on labour but the costs of specialist cleaning and maintenance equipment too.

“There is a misconception that companies who outsource services risk compromising the quality of work. The reality is most FM companies strive to attract the best personnel, apply industry best practice and compliance and adopt the latest technologies.”

Companies can choose to outsource to multiple single service providers or bring in total facilities management. While single service providers are specialists in their field, clients will often spend extra time managing multiple suppliers and coordinating visits.

Total facilities management companies deliver a full range of services using in-house expertise or supply chain partners. The client deals with one point of contact, allowing simpler invoicing and administration and easy reviewing of all FM services.

Research from Grosvenor Services shows a trend towards the ‘total FM’ model. From a survey of UK companies, it was revealed that 65% of managers feel it is important to have a single organisation managing all the different elements of service provision.

The survey also asked what companies look for in a facilities management company. 84% said professionalism of on-site staff, 81% said responsiveness of management to issues as they arise, 71% said accurate reporting and another 71% said value for money.

Bristol-based Almeda works with businesses across a range of sectors, including logistics and warehousing, to deliver total facilities management/maintenance services.

Brady comments on what sets Almeda apart from other total facilities management companies:

“Almeda can offer the skills and expertise of large national companies, with the personal touch of a family business. Our business model means that we don’t need to maximise our profit margins, allowing us to adopt a sustainable and flexible pricing model, which suits each customer and us.

“And, unlike small operators, we have the skilled and experienced staff in place to fully support our onsite teams.

“The bottom line is we do what’s right by the customer and we identify this based on company’s unique strategy requirements to help them get the most out of their FM.”