Global ground engineering solutions provider, Mainmark, expands its fleet of proprietary vehicles in the UK with the introduction of the industry’s first custom JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting mobile unit, further demonstrating Mainmark’s continued growth in the region after opening its UK office in 2015.  

Mainmark is renowned for offering non-invasive and cost-effective alternatives to traditional underpinning, and this new vehicle is specifically designed to house its JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting solution. Before creating this mobile JOG unit, equipment was typically transported and housed in large shipping containers and placed in a static position on the site. Being able to transport and deliver the JOG solution from a self-contained lorry makes the process more versatile and easier to mobilise for projects.  

Used primarily to re-level and lift structures, JOG Computer Controlled Grouting can be used for all settings such as warehouses, industrial business units, large commercial buildings and even residential houses suffering from settlement; with a record lift of 1,300mm.  

Mainmark’s JOG solution delivers grout to a multitude of injection ports set up in circuits via a mainframe computer, injecting via multiple ports a few seconds at a time, to gently raise a structure, enabling precise lifting of very large areas or complex heavy structures. The non-invasive injection ports remain in place for the duration of the work and are quickly and easily removed upon completion.   

Mainmark’s Co Director, Victor Chirilas said: “Delivering ground improvement projects across the UK can present a range of challenges but one of the most common is lack of space or accessibility. Being able to deliver our JOG technology from a single vehicle greatly reduces the amount of space we need to complete a project, making the process more flexible and efficient. 

“We operate in a wide range of sectors so this improvement to our capability is a big step in upscaling our offering. This latest addition to the fleet reinforces our dedication to providing our solutions as cost-effectively, efficiently and non-disruptively as possible.” 

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