Moyy unlocks creative possibilities with brand new Essentra Tapes applicator tech

Moyy unlocks creative possibilities with brand new Essentra Tapes applicator tech

Leading corrugated design and print house, Moyy, has bolstered its creative packaging capabilities by investing in new, state-of-the-art sheet-fed applicator technology from Essentra Tapes.

Both a design studio, printer, and manufacturer of corrugated solutions, Moyy has become a first mover on tape application, enhancing its already impressive credentials in high-end corrugated design and production.

Moyy is no stranger to breakthrough technology additions, having been the first in Canada to introduce single-pass direct-to-corrugate digital print technology – facilitating premium eCommerce and shelf-ready packaging and displays.

The brand-new SF-AS DH1 tape applicator system, developed by leading total tapes solutions provider, Essentra Tapes, enables efficient tape application in the sheet-fed manufacturing process. It counts quick, easy, and safe opening, multiple re-sealing for longer use, high-quality printed messages, and the protection of products, brands, and consumers among its added benefits.

“Our vision was simple – to create a simple-to-operate, easy-to-integrate applicator, which addresses the tape application needs of sheet-fed manufacturing and makes light work of creating e-commerce solutions,” said Christopher Morgan, Essentra Tapes’ Global Sales Director.

“Our renewed investment in applicator technologies and field engineers is the first of several essential market interventions we hope to make between now and the end of the year.

“With existing and prospective Essentra Tapes customers increasingly looking to improve their packaging designs in terms of the consumer experience, we’re confident our new sheet-fed applicator can deliver a quality tape application for easy open and close every time.”

Developed by Essentra Tapes’ in-house team of experts, the system facilitates efficient tape application in the sheet-fed manufacturing process. Capable of running rapid automatic stop/start performance on tape widths from 4 –25mm and compatible production line speeds, it represents a sheet-fed solution that can rival continuous feed.

With modular assembly, easy integration, simple tape setup, and renowned technical support and aftercare, the tape solutions provider is already fielding inquiries about this new plug-and-play solution.

Hendrik Tamminga, President at Moyy, said: “We understand that accessible and thoughtfully designed e-commerce and retail packaging can hugely impact a business’ success. It’s often the first physical interaction a consumer has with a brand. This new applicator technology will help us to further enhance consumer experiences.

“This is a critical piece of equipment as we look to focus on developing best-in-class opening and closing solutions. It reinforces our position as a full-service partner capable of supporting with design, innovation, quality, and speed to market.”

The SF-AS DH1 can also be optimised for use on new and existing packaging lines and boasts a fully electronic interface as standard and can run two applicator heads simultaneously, meaning Rippatape® can be applied alongside release liners or double-sided tapes at speed.