Narrow aisle agility… even with wide loads.

Narrow aisle agility… even with wide loads.

Mitsubishi launches SENSiA EX multi-way reach truck

Recognising that working with wide and unusual loads shouldn’t compromise a reach truck’s manoeuvrability, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has expanded its award-winning SENSiA range with the SENSiA EX.

Limiting damage
The two new models offer six multi-directional travel modes, which are selectable – in an instant – using a keypad. This allows SENSiA EX to navigate in the tightest aisles, carrying loads up to 2500 kg, at heights of up to 10 metres.

This is possible because of SENSiA EX’s all-wheel steering with 360° load wheels. Because they turn within the chassis profile, loads – and the wheels themselves – are protected from damage.

Maximising productivity
SENSiA EX’s two performance modes adapt the truck’s characteristics to the driver and the application. Professional mode allows more experienced drivers to maximise productivity, while EcoLogic mode gives new and temporary drivers natural handling and economic performance.

SENSiA EX is also fitted with – as standard – the unique Mitsubishi Sensitive Drive System. This automatically tailors truck performance to the needs of individual drivers and load – ensuring both stability and agility.

To ensure maximum productivity at any height, SENSiA EX’s robust chassis features passive sway control. This dampens the elevated load motion that can occur when loads are handled at height.

SENSiA EX’s powerful high-efficiency AC drive motors and hydraulic systems deliver exceptional shift length between charges or battery changes.

Award-winning ergonomics
Working through the longest shifts can take its toll on operators, so every effort has been taken to reduce fatigue. SENSiA EX’s spacious cabin is based on the award-winning SENSiA design. Available with a choice of comfortable seats, it is fitted – as standard with a fully-adjustable armrest with hand support.

Repetitive strain injuries involving elbows are common among reach truck operators. This unique armrest supports both the elbow and palm and minimises the movement required: reducing risk.

Its unique fingertip hydraulic controls keep unnecessary movement to a minimum. Reach, lift, tilt, and spread commands are at the operator’s fingertips: allowing for maximum control and ensuring operators can focus on the task at hand.

Like every Mitsubishi truck, safety is paramount. SENSiA EX’s Clearview overhead guard maximises upward views while protecting operators from falling debris.